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Where did you buy your linens?

Sarah, on 29/May/2019 at 22:33 Posted in British Columbia
I’m curious to know where all of the Canadian brides have purchased their linens?I am specifically after a table skirt like in the photos but I will also be seeking chair covers for folding chairs.I usually go with amazon but everything I want isn’t available on and won’t ship from 🤦🏼‍♀️I need 21 feet of the skirting and don’t want to pay a fortune in import fees if I can avoid it.

Where did you buy your linens? 1

Where did you buy your linens? 2


  • K
    Newbie July 2020 British Columbia
    Kelly ·

    Bought everything second hand, and will resell after my wedding

  • Seleena
    Super September 2019 British Columbia
    Seleena ·

    Have you thought about renting them instead? There are a ton of rental companies for this. I don't actually know where to buy them, but you can buy the materials from fabric stores and have them made?


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