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What song are you planning to walk down the aisle to and what song are you going to use for your first dance?

Katrina, on 12/August/2018 at 14:50 Posted in Wedding reception
Hello ladies and gentlemen just curious to see what other people are thinking when it comes to walking down the aisle are you going to go with their traditional wedding march maybe a song that means something to both of you or maybe even something silly to dance down to let me know your thoughts!
secondly what song did you do your first dance to was it fast was it slow again did it mean something to the both of you or did it just sound really pretty I think I've figured out the song that we're going to do our first dance to but I have no idea what to do while I walk down the aisle my mom would prefer something soft and traditional or romantic and I want to dance down the aisle to something silly looking for suggestions comments or fun stories about your walk down the aisle and first dance.


  • Adamay
    Beginner August 2019 California
    Adamay ·

    I'm planning a Sam Smith song to walk down the aisle to. Either Lay Me Down or his cover of How Will I Know. For our first dance, we are going to do Florence and the Machine's cover of Stand By Me Smiley smile

  • Jennifer
    Frequent user September 2018 British Columbia
    Jennifer ·

    I walked down the aisle to Dan + Shay's "Speechless" Smiley smile

  • Lauren
    Beginner February 2019 Ontario
    Lauren ·
    I’m walking down the aisle to Neil
    Young’s Harvest Moon, and our first dance song is Dean Martin’s Ain’t that a kick in the head!
  • S
    Newbie August 2019 Nova Scotia
    Samira ·
    I’m singing look at me down the aisle by Carrie Underwood and first dance song will be photograph Ed Sheeran
  • T
    Beginner June 2019 Ontario
    Taylor ·

    My song down the aisle is just the piano version of perfect!! First dance song is "I cant help falling in love" by Haley Reinhardt

  • T
    Beginner June 2019 Ontario
    Taylor ·
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    Thats my first dance song! I love her version. I know its a cliche but I just love it!!!

  • Melissa
    Frequent user September 2018 Quebec
    Melissa ·
    Pretty sure it’s going to be “I’m kissing you” by Des’ree. 😁
  • Samantha
    Beginner September 2018 Ontario
    Samantha ·

    I am walking down the aisle to Found a Heart by Emily Hearn. I'm not sure if we'll have an actual first dance, but if so, I'd like H.O.L.Y by Florida Georgia Line.

  • Leanne
    Expert September 2018 Ontario
    Leanne ·

    I am walking down the aisle to Can't Help Falling In Love with You by Haley Reinhardt. It was one of my grandfathers favourite songs and this version is stunningly beautiful. Our first dance will be to Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

  • Missa
    Frequent user August 2019 New Brunswick
    Missa ·
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    That's my song too!! I'm having my musician friends sing it while I go down the aisle Smiley smile It's such a beautiful message.

  • Gabbie
    Frequent user June 2019 Nova Scotia
    Gabbie ·

    Down the aisle will be Hedwig's Theme (Harry Potter) we still haven't decided on first dance, I'm leaning towards A Whole New World (because we're long distance and we have to travel around to see each other haha), but he's more country, so I guess we'll have to reach some sort of compromise.

  • Angel
    Frequent user June 2019 British Columbia
    Angel ·

    We are walking down the aisle to Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" and our first dance is "Beautiful in White" by Westlife. My personal preference is to go for a romantic love song as you walk down the aisle and you can play it up with a fun song for your first dance!

  • Tyanna
    Super June 2019 British Columbia
    Tyanna ·
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    The one is our first dance song. Love it so much!
  • Emily
    Devoted October 2018 Ontario
    Emily ·
    Choosing the music has truly been one of the hardest parts for me! My FH and I are still narrowing down our first dance song.

    Ive chosen Feels Like Home bun hannahs yard. It’s a really slow beautiful version of the original.

  • Kelsea
    Frequent user October 2019 British Columbia
    Kelsea ·

    My bridesmaids are going to be walking down the aisle to "The One" by Kodaline, and i'll be following behind to "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri, the Piano Guys version. We haven't chosen our first dance song yet, but we really like "All I need" by AWOLNATION.

  • Casey
    Featured October 2019 Ontario
    Casey ·
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    Girl I am with you 100%. We are also doing this for our first dance. Whenever it comes on the radio I get really excited at first, but by the chorus I’m sitting there crying!

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