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Wedding Traditions or Cliches That You Are Avoiding?

Racheal Blair, on 3/October/2019 at 19:32 Posted in Plan a wedding

Are there any wedding traditions or wedding cliches that you and your FW/FH are avoiding during your wedding? How about any new traditions that you are including?

Personally, I really dislike the "cake smashing" trend, clinking glasses to get the couple to kiss, and the garter toss. I think we'll be doing a lock-and-key style for the bouquet toss . I fell in love with it after a wedding we attended a few years back! It went on passively throughout the dance/evening and when the person with the right key finally made her attempt, everyone cheered and toasted.

I'd love to hear the trends you all are trying out or considering, and the ones you've left behind.

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  • Brett
    Curious July 2020 Saskatchewan
    Brett Online ·
    We are bucking pretty much the whole system when we get married next summer, no speeches other then myself and husband thanking people for coming, no sweetheart/head table, no daddy/daughter(not by choice) dance (mother/son dance is up in the air, I don’t think they need a spotlighted dance but leaving it up to the two of them to decide). No cake at all just cupcakes, no tosses of either kind. No wedding favours,
  • Racheal Blair
    Frequent user November 2021 Ontario
    Racheal Blair ·
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    Wedding fruit cake?!

    Aren't fruit cakes universally known as being awful?

  • Stephanie
    Frequent user July 2020 Ontario
    Stephanie ·
    We are doing cake cutting, but not cake smashing. We are having a small wedding cake for the pictures and display.
    I am not a fan of parent dances so we are undecided on those.
    We will have a kissing game, just not clinking the glasses.
    We don't plan on spending the night before the wedding together or seeing each other the day of the wedding till I walk down the isle.
    There will be NO old school wedding/fruit cake.
  • Ashley
    Expert August 2020 Ontario
    Ashley ·

    Yeah we're not doing a garter toss, parent dances, bouquet toss or cake cutting etc. we got other entertainment which i think guests will enjoy. i find those weddings are boring playing the same games over and over and doing the exact same thing at every wedding

  • Bianca
    Featured August 2019 Ontario
    Bianca ·

    There's too many to count that we hated and didn't include. The biggest one was not throwing a bouquet. I just hate that and didn't want any part of it.

  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·

    Love the lock and key idea for the guests trying to get the bouquet. The one thing that could be done is getting all the same keys as the lock as guests won't be able to open it. Your husband should have the key and open it himself to surprise everyone. The birdcage looks nice though for the concept.

    We didn't do anything floral as being real or for the ceremony as the venue had huge pots with flowers at the altar. The rental of floral balls and vases were as simple as it went.

    I do find the cake smashing concept unneeded due to the mess and waste of chocolate end of the night. Another unneeded concept seems to be clinging glasses. Our concept was ringing the bells that held the menu cards as kids got the entertainment out of it too.

  • Liga
    Curious June 2020 Quebec
    Liga ·
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    Wow...I love the way it`is sounds ( about keys and unlocking the box ). After your article, I'm rethinking! Do I really want to throw my flower bouquet.

    I like your idea, but it will add some more expenses for me.

    So, maybe I could go with ribbon pulling!

  • Racheal Blair
    Frequent user November 2021 Ontario
    Racheal Blair ·
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    Definitely matches your theme flawlessly, and can be super fun and inclusive!

  • Racheal Blair
    Frequent user November 2021 Ontario
    Racheal Blair ·
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    RVSP-ing to your wedding ASAP; it sounds amazing and like a lot of fun. Smiley winking

    I love the intimacy of your process with your future husband and how much you have considered your guests and loved ones!

    The lock-and-key or lock-box style bouquet "toss" goes like this:

    1) You can either distribute keys to female guests (heck, even male guests, it's 2019) OR have a station set up where guests can pick a key of their own throughout the night. The keys can be identical, personalized, or random.

    2) The bouquet is placed in a locked box or cage after the bride and groom enter the reception area.

    3) Throughout the night, guests who have chosen or received keys can attempt to unlock the box. This can be done passively as the night goes on, or at a staged/scheduled time with everyone together.

    4) The lucky lady (or gent) with the magic key is usually bought a drink/celebrated in some small way.

    Here are some photo inspiration:


    wedding-travellers-destination-wedding-pWedding Traditions or Cliches That You Are Avoiding? 1pic5.jpeg

  • Racheal Blair
    Frequent user November 2021 Ontario
    Racheal Blair ·
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    Right? Literally ANYTHING is better than spending $300 on a wedding cake and $200 on wedding makeup and hair just to end up sticky and have both ruined.

    I, too, find the garter toss very intimate.

  • Racheal Blair
    Frequent user November 2021 Ontario
    Racheal Blair ·
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    I love this.
    My cousin and her now-husband were married last August and also had their "fifteen minutes in heaven" between the ceremony and reception/dinner (I'm forever a 7TH grader, I know). Their photographer captured some absolutely beautiful emotions as they unwound and had their first moments as husband & wife.
    You and your FH are going to love that special moment, too! SUCH a good idea and very much a needed break!

  • Racheal Blair
    Frequent user November 2021 Ontario
    Racheal Blair ·
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    I love the creativity with the putting mat! It makes it fun rather than an awkward gesture. Sounds like your guests loved it!

  • Caitlyn
    Featured January 2020 Ontario
    Caitlyn ·

    We're doing a cake cutting but not a cake smashing. It's not really a tradition, but the entrance of the bridal party and couple to music at the start of the reception kind of reminds me of announcing the starting lineup of a sports team, so we will just personally introduce each of our wedding party members at the beginning of dinner once people are seated.

  • Alix
    Featured June 2020 Saskatchewan
    Alix ·

    We're not doing the cake smashing, garter toss or bouquet toss.

  • Valérie
    VIP September 2019 Quebec
    Valérie ·

    No cake, no bouquet/garter toss, no receiving line, no bridal party. I did not have something old, new, borrowed or blue; no corsage or boutonniere for the parents. Our venue didn't allow for clinking of glasses, so instead we had a putting mat and guests had to drain the putt to make us kiss. It was a lot of fun and kept guests busy while waiting for their food (buffet)!

  • Nelly
    Devoted October 2020 Ontario
    Nelly ·
    We aren’t having the garter or bouquet toss, the cake smash or the clinking of glasses.

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