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Aleksandra, on 12/October/2017 at 00:18 Posted in Plan a wedding
Hi all! We are in the early stages of planning our wedding. We want a pretty small wedding (60-70 people). And we don’t want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on our wedding. I’ve thought of having a backyard wedding, but no one has a big enough backyard to accommodate that many people. I’ve looked at some venues, but they all seem so expensive to me. I need help!! If anyone here has had a wedding that size, or been to one that size, that can offer any advice/ suggestions, I would appreciate it so much. I’m catholic, I’d prefer to get married in a church (not overly religious though). I’m open to having the wedding and reception at that same place as well.

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  • Daphne
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    For a reception, if you want to get your own caterer, schools are a good place, since they have kitchens and are empty on weekends. They're also usually priced very reasonably.

  • Lynnie
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    Hi Aleksandra! Have you contacted any of the wedding venues listed here on WeddingWire for pricing? I'd definitely reach out to some of those banquet centers, and golf clubs sometimes have multiple event spaces worth asking about!

    Wedding Venues in Oshawa, ON

    Venue rental and catering costs will inevitably be the biggest chunk of your wedding budget. The best ways to cut wedding costs are to:

    - Trim down your guest list as much as possible

    - Host a reception during a non-mealtime (like 2-5pm, or after 8pm)

    - Look at other weekdays to see if there is reduced event pricing (Friday and Sunday weddings are becoming more and more popular!)

    Also check out these expert tips: 10 Ways to Avoid Going Over Budget on Your Wedding , 5 Ways to Cut Wedding Catering Costs

  • Sonja
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    If you're getting married in a church, you may be able to rent the hall in the basement for your reception. The best way to reduce your costs is to cut your guest list. If you can't do that, check out community centres. They have space to rent usually less expensive than halls. Where about are you located?

  • Ap2017
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    Depending on where you're at, you can check at local parks. Some have pavilions that they rent out for weddings or special events. Prices and what is included in the package can vary, but if you're into the backyard vibe and don't have the space, that's a good alternative.

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