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Unplugged Ceremony

Rebecca, on 14/March/2019 at 09:01 Posted in Wedding ceremony

Hey All!

My Fiance and I are planning to have no cell phones and cameras at our Reception.

I know this has recently become a sensitive subject as a lot of people are attached to their phone, myself included.

How do we politely, but firmly let them know that we don't want cellphones held up because it'll ruin the photos that we have paid a lot for?




  • Candace
    VIP May 2019 Ontario
    Candace ·
    Our officiant is going to announce this right at the beginning of our ceremony and we will also have a sign up at the door to our ceremony space. There might be one person who doesn’t listen but we are really hoping that majority of people will. Our photographer and videographer have also both told us that they will remind anyone that didn’t get the hint if they see anyone lol
  • Holly
    VIP June 2019 Ontario
    Holly ·
    Along with the rest of the important details of the wedding (with the invitation) we mentioned how all phone and cameras will not be allowed during the ceremony. We also have a sign made that will explain the unplugged ceremony as well as a friendly reminder from the officiant before the ceremony begins.
  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod Online ·

    Rachael is point on with the right suggestions.

    1. Get the officiant before he starts to announce to the guests please turn your cell phones and cameras off and enjoy the ceremony. (This was done for us too)

    2. A foam board that can say: We kindly ask all cell phones and cameras be turned off while the ceremony takes place.

  • Rachel
    Frequent user July 2019 Ontario
    Rachel ·
    We are also having an unplugged ceremony. We will have a sign posted where guests enter, and I think we are going to have the officiant remind everyone, as well as posting it on the website. I hope people will understand!
    Surprisingly my mother is having the most issues with it. "How will I get pictures of the ceremony"...I keep reminding her we have two professional photographers there to take let them do their job and for her to sit and watch and build memories instead of sitting behind the camera. Ugh.
    I think all we can do is tell them what we want and hope hope hope they respect it!!
  • Allison
    Master October 2019 Ontario
    Allison ·

    I'm also doing an unplugged ceremony and this is what I'm doing:

    I'll have a blurb on the wedding website about having an unplugged ceremony, there will be a sign at the front of the ceremony room so guests see it as they walk in, our officiant will announce it before the start of the processional.

    I wouldn't have it in the invites, but have the link to your website for guests to check out on your invites, then they would be able to see it.

    Most people will respect your unplugged ceremony, even your millennial friends. You can always enlist your day-of coordinator to enforce your rule. Most ceremonies are not even 30 minutes anymore, your friends can live without being on their phone for that long!

  • Valérie
    VIP September 2019 Quebec
    Valérie ·
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    If you have a wedding website, you could add a quick note about it there but I wouldn't put it on the invitations. I would definitely print a sign to put near the aisle, as well as get your officiant remind the guests to turn off their phones and cameras, before you walk down the aisle/in the welcome statement.

    As for the wording itself, Etsy has plenty of shops that offers signage for this purpose. They often have similar wording, but you can get something in the style you like.

    Oh and if you want people to see that you have responded to their comment, click on the "reply" button at the bottom of the person's comment. This way, they'll get a notification that you've responded

    Happy planning!!

  • Rebecca
    Beginner September 2019 Ontario
    Rebecca ·

    I want to put it on the invites as well as programs. But my Fiance thinks that might be a little much.

  • Robyn
    Super June 2019 Ontario
    Robyn ·

    We're doing signs, putting it on the programs, and having the priest announce it before the ceremony. And I've asked my day-of coordinator to make sure people respect our wishes.

  • Rebecca
    Beginner September 2019 Ontario
    Rebecca ·
    Also, totally meant for this to say ceremony. Not reception. Reception idc whqt they do with their phones. As long as they respect speeches and what not and people are usually really good about that.
    Am I just worrying and making a problem that might not even be one?
  • Rebecca
    Beginner September 2019 Ontario
    Rebecca ·
    Both of these are great Ideas. I'm looking into a cute little sign and our officiant is more than willing to say no phones.
    But I also know my friends. My family 100% will respect it. They understand. Its my millenial friends (I too am a millenial)that have to share everything as its happening that I'm concerned about.
  • Casey
    Featured October 2019 Ontario
    Casey ·

    We are also having an unplugged ceremony. I am not big on a million signs for people coming into the ceremony. So I am just going to simply have our officiant say that this is an unplugged ceremony once he reaches the alter.

    You could also make the statement that you want to give your photographers the best pictures without cell phones in them. And ensure your guests that they can get as many pictures as they want after the ceremony.

  • Tori
    Featured October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori ·

    I mean - signs are a big help. But if you are having both an unplugged ceremony AND reception - you have to know that people will have their phones on them in case of emergency. You could have the MC or DJ let people know that if they do get a phone call or have to use their phone that they are to go outside to do so?

    I'm having an unplugged ceremony only and they can have their phones for the reception. I find that for the most part people don't go on their phones at weddings though as they are eating and then up dancing so an occasional check should be okay (especially if they have kids at home).

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