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Vanessa, on 12/January/2018 at 23:34 Posted in Before the wedding

So I'm in need of suggestions. We are doing a tent wedding and still don't have our tent. I thought I had everything settled found the cheapest place for a tent, tables and chairs all in one and than my FH says that's too expensive for shipping almost $500.00. Ok. Fine. Contact them. They say its a large order so because of that its that price that's why. I say what if we only order just the tent. They say the price is still the same because its the same km. I did research and found chairs 1.10 cheaper per chair and 1.00 per table cheaper. They told me if I wanted to get cheaper I should rent a smaller tent and come pick up everything ourselves when I asked about pick up since we have a large trailer and have people who have set up these large tents before. My FH has now taken over talking to them they said they needed a quote from the company to look at it. Ok fine. Less than 20 minutes after sending it they go sorry thats for a pick up order we don't honor that. REALLY!!! My FH called them back as he informed them he wanted them to talk to them directly as he's the one paying for everything. I also found out he just asked them if they could do a little better on the chairs not price match and we would get everything through them still instead of running around. He caught the woman rewording everything he was saying and she hung up the phone on him. Do we still attempt to deal with this company even though they are the cheapest or go to the one that is more expensive? My FH owns his own business and never treats his customers like this. I am freaking out as our areas big wedding show is in 2 weeks. Would love input.


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  • Erin
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    Erin ·

    I think that you should see about dealing with another company. Maybe your FH could organize something through his work and get a corporate discount? They were rude and very unhelpful so I would cut them out.

  • Candace
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    Candace ·
    I would for sure go to another company, it sounds like they aren’t doing anything helpful at this point and they aren’t trying to keep your business. It might be worth looking into another company and asking if they would price match?

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