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Should you have h'orderves?

Alexandra, on 20/July/2019 at 20:32 Posted in Wedding reception

Hi everyone!

I was wondering your thoughts on whether or not to serve h'orderves before dinner? We are trying to keep costs down, so I am hesitant, but I also don't want people to be hungry.

Our ceremony will run approximately 4:00-4:30, and our venue will open at 5:00. The bar will also open at 5:00, and dinner is scheduled for 7:00. Dinner will be a three course meal. Should we also have h'orderves, or does our wedding start late enough that people can eat before?

Thanks so much!



  • A
    Newbie September 2020 Quebec
    Alexandra ·

    Thanks everyone!

  • Allison
    Master October 2019 Ontario
    Allison ·

    If the bar is open, I would definitely consider hor d'oeuvres, especially if your cocktail hour is actually 2 hours long.

  • Stephanie
    Master July 2018 Alberta
    Stephanie ·
    If you’re opening the bar two hours before dinner, you should have some food as well.
  • Erin
    Featured May 2020 Ontario
    Erin ·

    I would agree with the others in that since the bar will be open at 5 that there should be food served. I don't know the logistics of your ceremony and reception but if they are at different locations and are close to resturants then you can avoid this altogether by not having a cocktail hour and on your invitation clearly state the start times of your ceremony and dinner. So ceremony to start at 4 and dinner is at 7. Your guests should gather that there is a big enough gap and they are responsible for their own snacking. Also could you possibly move your dinner time to 6, there is a big time gap btwn 4:30 and 7.

  • Stephanie
    VIP May 2019 Ontario
    Stephanie ·

    It is fine to skip! We got them solely because the bar would already be open and I wanted to ensure people were not JUST drinking but having some food too! I didn't want anyone to be too drunk before the wedding actually began lol

  • Casey
    Featured October 2019 Ontario
    Casey ·

    I would also say yes because you are having the bar open before your reception, so there is usually something. You can do super small snacks if you don't want to go all out for a huge selection.

    If you don't plan on doing it, then make sure you let your guests know so they have a little snack before coming!

  • Bianca
    Featured August 2019 Ontario
    Bianca ·

    I think it's expected, but if it's not within your budget, it's completely fine to skip them.

  • Amanda
    Featured June 2019 Ontario
    Amanda ·

    I think it depends how much time you have in between everything. If it's a long day you won't people to starve. We had snacks and cocktails between our ceremony and dinner.. It was going to be a few hours before dinner would be served. Especially when you have alcohol flowing you don't want people drinking too much and having no food.

  • Nikki
    Curious October 2019 Ontario
    Nikki ·
    I would say yes, but if you decide not to, as long as you let your guests know there will be no food at cocktail hour they can plan/ eat accordingly before coming. You also don't want people to get too drunk in that 2 hour cocktail window without snacks. Ask your venue what they can manage in the cost of your dinner. Our venue had 5 appetizers included in the price of our dinner and if you pick the more vegetarian options it will be cheaper than protein.

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