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Self tanner - any recommendations?

Emily, on October 5, 2018 at 19:45 Posted in Beauty 0 5
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So I went all summer avoiding tan lines! I walked in the labour day parade with my FH and got tank top tan lines 馃槥. my dress is strapless and we get married in a week.

Many reccomendations?!


  • Brittany
    Master January 2019 British Columbia
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    I second this... My sister bought this for herself and it worked awesome... She did it on me too and I was pretty impressed. It is a bit pricier... but it is your wedding too! If you exfoliate and use it once, you can wait a couple days and do it one more time.... Make sure you don't do it fresh within 2 days of your wedding (just in case).

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  • Angelica
    Newbie September 2020 Ontario
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    Vita Liberata also makes a great self tanner. I used the pHenomenal mousse one and found it was super easy and not orange tinted either. Also minimal scent to it.
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  • Stephanie
    VIP May 2019 Ontario
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    My friend swears by this! I have tried it myself but she researched and tests things so much I have faith it's amazing!

    Self tanner - any recommendations? 1
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  • P
    Newbie November 2018 Alberta
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    St Tropez is amazing. I use it all the time. Its expensive but it leaves a perfect tan all over and no streaks. Just remmeber to follow all instructions. Moisterize ankles, elbows and knees first after your shower, before u put the tanner on, and your good to go.
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  • Sydney
    Expert August 2018 Ontario
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    I would recommend that whatever self tanner you use - mix it with a bit of lotion! It makes it easier to use and will streak less!
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