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Crystal, Today at 06:51

Could I get some ideas for a hashtag for a Conway marrying a Hynes

Crystal, 21 minutes ago 1
Wedding Hashtag Ideas
Christy, Yesterday at 19:40

Hi I’m Christy Walters and marrying Bo Simango, does anyone have any hashtag ideas - we’ve been stumped on this for a while! Thanks in advance.

Kaitlyn, an hour ago 1 message 11
Officant gift.
Emily, Yesterday at 18:19

Okay brides to be. Our officant isnt asking for any money to do the ceromony so what would be a good idea for a "thank you" gift

Emily, yesterday at 18:19 12
Elvis Father/daughter Dance Song
Emma, Yesterday at 17:56

My dad is a huge Elvis fan and I'd love to do one of his songs for our dance. I'm thinking Memories would be a good option but would love some other suggestions as well.

Amanda, yesterday at 18:02 1 message 10
Engagement Session ...nervous!
Kelsie, Yesterday at 17:11

Hey ladies! I have my engagement session coming up on Monday and I’m super super nervous! I’ve never been professionally photographed before and I definitely wanted to get some engagement shots...

Maegan, 5 hours ago 4 messages 39
Megan, Yesterday at 14:03

Looking for a hashtag ... fahey marrying Mahaney helpppp

Tori, yesterday at 16:59 1 message 10
Greenery garland for tables
Kaila, Yesterday at 13:52

Head TableGuest tablesHi everyone...I am trying to price out greenery for my long tables.. I am looking to do something like these photos. The fullness can be a little less. I have researched and I...

DrB, yesterday at 20:23 3 messages 28
Wedding Timeline - Multiple questions
Tamara, Yesterday at 12:49

I'm struggling to make a timeline for both sides of the wedding party, men and women.Our ceremony starts at 1pm. What is the best time to have the men meet and begin to get ready in the groom's suite?...

Vinod, yesterday at 21:48 4 messages 44
Non- Rehearsal Dinner
Tamara, Yesterday at 12:32

We will not be doing a rehearsal for our wedding as it is fairly straight forward simple event, however we are wanting to do a get together dinner with our parents and bridal party the night before....

Vinod, yesterday at 21:32 5 messages 37
Wedding Gift Thank Yous
Tamara, Yesterday at 11:10

I am wanting to know what the etiquette for wedding thank yous.We have received some RSVPs which people unfortunately had to decline attending our wedding, but in the response they did send a monetary...

Kim, 32 minutes ago 11 messages 64
Honeymoon Destinations - Where are you going?
Lynnie, Yesterday at 11:05

Where are you going on your honeymoon?? Share your destination!! ✈️Photo from Jana Guay - Travel Professionals International in Oakville, ON

Allison, yesterday at 17:09 20 messages 96
It's 99 days away today!!!!
Lisa, Yesterday at 09:23

Sorry, just so excited that we are less than 100 days away now! Eeeek!

Lisa, yesterday at 18:31 15 messages 57