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Wedding registry
Julie, On 11/September/2019 at 18:25

I am so lost. Help me!

Vinod, 14 minutes ago 4 messages 32
Bridesmaid dresses
Kylee, On 16/September/2019 at 16:59

Looking for bridesmaid dresses like this - originally saw these on but the only have small and xsm in stock. Want something very simple in this sort of camel colour.... any suggestions...

Kylee, 16 minutes ago 10 messages 66
Have you lied about your wedding?
Joey, On 12/September/2019 at 08:00

Have you told anyone a lie about your wedding? Maybe you fudged the truth about the capacity of your venue to explain why someone wasn't invited. Maybe you pretended you'd already chosen your...

Vinod, 19 minutes ago 18 messages 121
Winter wedding
Nadine, On 12/September/2019 at 08:02

Hello friends. Has anyone had their wedding in January? Where and what was your experience like?

Vinod, 25 minutes ago 4 messages 42
Angel, On 12/September/2019 at 13:21

Hello everyone! So I already have a photographer but now I'm thinking if I should get a videographer as well. I mean, I know a lot of friends who didn't have a videographer on their wedding but I was...

Vinod, 29 minutes ago 8 messages 48
Jillian, On 12/September/2019 at 13:48

How soon before your wedding did you do tastings? And was that the first time you met with the venue coordinator at that time?

Vinod, 32 minutes ago 16 messages 150
Long engagement and taking flack from people for planning now.
Kristin, Yesterday at 09:26

Is anyone else doing this? We're basically having a long engagement but we're also planning to have a kid before we get married. I'd rather find my vendors now and have things a bit more spread out...

Maegan, 35 minutes ago 13 messages 94
Best gift for my girls ideas!
Maegan, Today at 10:35

Good morning ladies! I have a fun question this morning- as a bridesmaid or wedding party member, what is the best gift you've ever recieved? I'm paying for my girls hair and makeup day of as part of...

Tori, 36 minutes ago 1 message 6
Wedding party choreographed Country Swing dance? Yes or no
Kristin, Yesterday at 15:44

FH and I are having a country-themed barn wedding. Our wedding party is coincidentally all couples (tight-knit friend group lol), and if they don't already know, they're learning or are willing to...

Tori, 38 minutes ago 14 messages 56
Guest List
Courtney, On 12/September/2019 at 13:48

If someone invited us to their wedding. But we are not close to them, does that automatically mean that we need to invite them to our wedding. My mother says no, his mother says yes. We are trying to...

Vinod, 40 minutes ago 10 messages 64
Aylssa, On 12/September/2019 at 16:10

What song did you guys use for your ladies bridal party to walk down the isle?

Maegan, 44 minutes ago 16 messages 195
Ceremony Decor?
Lynnie, On 12/September/2019 at 15:44

What's your plan for ceremony decor? 🌸 Are you keeping things simple and saving it for the reception? Decorating with candles, floral arrangements, or aisle runners? Share your ideas for ceremony...

Vinod, 45 minutes ago 14 messages 64