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Fall flowers - which will you choose?
Joey, Today at 14:05

Autumn is just around the corner! Have you styled your fall bouquets and centerpieces yet? What are your favorite fall flowers and plants? Anemone? Mums? Dahlias? Sunflowers? Callas? Wheat? Maple...

Seleena, 15 minutes ago 2 messages 8
Officiant Pricing
Shyan, Today at 11:35

Hello! I am running into a bit of a problem. Why do officiant pricing range from 300$ and up? Is someone able to enlighten me on why this pricing is this way ? Thanks a bunch!

Vinod, 21 minutes ago 9 messages 39
Venues near Peterborough, on
Sondra, Today at 00:50

Hello! I had already found a fairytale venue that my FH and I are in love with, but my great grandmother has announced that she is uncomfortable being so far from home (Peterborough) and she won't be...

Vinod, 24 minutes ago 1 message 11
All about the venue - What does your venue include?
Joey, On 12/August/2019 at 09:05

What is included in hiring your venue? Parking? A getting ready room? Will they set up and break down for you? How many staff members will the venue provide? What else is included in your wedding...

Shannon, an hour ago 16 messages 66
I’m so overwhelmed
Jackie, On 6/August/2019 at 18:55

I’m so overwhelmed about everything.. I don’t know where to start.. what to plan first ... I need help from you girls

Shannon, an hour ago 11 messages 84
Late Thank-you Card
Bianca, Today at 09:40

I need advice ASAP! The wedding is long over and I realized that I forgot to send out my now MIL her thank-you card for my SHOWER. Can I still send it? The reason why I delayed it was because I wanted...

Vinod, an hour ago 4 messages 20
Early October colours
Megan, Today at 13:01

We were getting married in July but changed our minds to the first weekend in October, because it fits our wants better. I was really wanting to use like dusty rose and mauve as my colours, but am...

Vinod, 2 hours ago 2 messages 11
Changing a bridesmaid a yr in advance
Aimee, Today at 13:31

Hi, I'm getting married next yr. I have to friends that actually were the 1st friends I ever made. We grew up together but one moved away yrs ago and the other is my maid of honor. The one that moved...

Sarah, 2 hours ago 2 messages 13
How much did you spend on photography?
Jenni, On 11/August/2019 at 23:17

I’m having a budget for $20k for the wedding. Most of the photography packages I find are around $3k-$4.5k range. Photography is super important to me, so I don’t mind paying abit more for it. But my...

Sarah, 2 hours ago 45 messages 523
Marissa, On 14/August/2019 at 21:10

We finally tied the knot on Sunday, and it really was my dream wedding. Everything went according to schedule, the weather was great (although super hot), and the food was delicious. I was only...

Sarah, 2 hours ago 22 messages 188
Made a Decor Commitment
Veronica, Yesterday at 10:46

Well I've gone and done it now! Thanks to a BOGO sale at Micheals on all their fall decor, I made a decision on what I wanted and just ran with it. May have bought out one store's entire section of...

Kelsie, 2 hours ago 13 messages 47
What's your favourite part of your wedding dress? 😍
Lynnie, On 15/August/2019 at 18:26

What’s your favourite part of your wedding dress? Are you swooning over the silk or dreaming about the beaded details? Can't stop twirling in the skirt or peaking at the train? Which detail is your...

Stephanie, 2 hours ago 12 messages 61