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Receiving line worries (divorced parents)

Becca, on 8/September/2017 at 09:18 Posted in Wedding reception

Hey all! First time poster here

My fiance & i decided we're doing a receiving line. I know they can be awkward but we want to make sure we get to say hi to everyone and enjoy the rest of our reception in peace lol

The problem is that my parents are freshly divorced and not on good terms. It will be bad enough having them in the same room, never mind in a receiving line together.

So my question is, how do i deal with divorced parents in a receiving line? Is it okay if just my fiance and i do it alone, would it be weird to not include our parents?

Thank you!


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  • Karina
    Curious October 2019 Ontario
    Karina ·

    I think they should put their differences aside for your day. When my brother got married my parents were on very bad terms but they played nice for all of the wedding stuff like the buck and doe and rehearsal and wedding day of course.

    Whats going on between them is between them and shouldn't effect your wedding day

  • Maegan
    Super July 2018 British Columbia
    Maegan ·
    You can totally do just the two of you I was recently at a wedding where it was just the bride and groom in the recieving line and i actually preferred it to weddings with more people!
  • Ashley
    Super June 2018 Alberta
    Ashley ·

    Maybe just do the line alone with your fiancé to avoid the conflict.

    Unless you can talk to the both of them and see if they can set aside their differences for you for one day.

  • Stephanie
    Curious August 2018 Nova Scotia
    Stephanie ·

    We're thinking of doing a receiving line also, and I'm in the same boat (divorced parents - almost a decade now, but they haven't seen each other since so I understand your apprehension). I love the idea being kicked around here of having just the bride and groom do the receiving line!

  • Momofbride(Kim)
    Momofbride(Kim) ·

    As one who has been through several receiving lines, the idea of just the bride and groom is so refreshing. Go for it! Besides it is YOUR day, do what you feel is best, and hopefully, your parents can remember this too! Have a wonderful wedding day!

  • Sonja
    VIP September 2017 Ontario
    Sonja ·

    Hello Newbie, So glad you joined us. This must be a stressful situation for you but I think you can easily have a receiving line with just the two of you. It would take away a lot of anxiety and most people just want to congratulate the happy couple and not the entire wedding party.

  • Ap2017
    Super September 2017 Ontario
    Ap2017 ·

    My fiance's parents are divorced (not recent, but still). We decided to have our receiving line with just the two of us. It cuts out the awkwardness and helps things move faster. The parents can be in the hall mingling with people after they chat with us.

  • Erin
    Featured September 2017 Ontario
    Erin ·
    Welcome!! I'm sorry to hear that this has happened. I think you could totally do the receiving line of just you and your FH. If you choose to add both sets of parents, maybe you can have your FH's parents between yours as a buffer.

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