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Real flower centrepieces budget

Petra, on 11/March/2019 at 10:05 Posted in Wedding reception
I鈥檓 trying to make a budget for my table centerpieces using real flowers. How much did everyone spend on their centrepieces? I have no idea where to start especially because how much we should spend depends on who we ask in the family, some say $10 per centrepiece, some $30,$50. Any help would be greatly appreciated 馃槉


  • A
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    We are doing the baby's breath as well, except we are adding one hydrangea to them.

  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod Online

    Real flowers were passed on for us since our budget didn't allow it. We went simple and still elegant of square vase with coloured gel balls and LED lights with a white floral ball on top. Rented as easy to return too the day after the wedding.

  • Donna
    Devoted July 2019 Ontario

    I am getting real flowers 3/22.00 I have 12 tables that's the way I am going as if per right now

  • Stephanie
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    I love the babies breathe idea Smiley smile

  • Donna Yeung
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    Donna Yeung

    I was fortunate enough to have a family member who had a membership to the floral wholesale in Vancouver. So I was able to order all my florals and pick it up 2 days before the wedding to have the flowers prepped at home with some family members. We bought mason jars and spray painted them gold, and arranged all the flowers. I ended up spending just under $800 and made 5 large bouquets, 20 boutonierres, 30 centerpieces, 16 pew florals, signage greenery and still had left over flowers for 2 arrangements for the home.

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  • Stephanie
    Master July 2018 Alberta

    We did potted plants instead of bouquets. Still had the real flowers but cheaper than cut flowers. My friend spent $240 at Costco for 12 tables, her bouquet, 6 bridesmaids bouquets.

  • T
    Curious April 2019 Ontario

    $65 a table for us

  • Allison
    Frequent user June 2019 Ontario

    I am not a big flower person, I would rather skip them altogether if possible lol so we stuck with the simple route of babies breath for our centrepieces. We have been recycling mason jars from sauces we use for meals.

    Our total cost for the babies breath is $150 and that will give us a little extra to use around the venue. We have 16 tables (not incl. head table) so about $8-10 per table.

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  • Donna
    Devoted July 2019 Ontario

    Well I think I'm getting the Real Flowers from where I work. I'm thinking around 20ish in there somewhere

  • Maegan
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    Im spending about $17 per centrepiece. I wanted real flowers but didn't want to spend a ton of money for huge floral arrangements for each table. Instead I decided to do one huge Glad in a decorative wine bottle as the centre and then 2 crystal vases with bunches of babies breath left over from the ceremony space around the wine bottle mixed with candle votives as my centrepieces 馃槉
  • Stephanie
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    We are at $50! We wanted real flowers and the smallest bouquet we could get in a vase so that it didn't look... empty... was $50.00 per centrepiece!

  • Gina
    Super April 2019 Alberta
    Our centre pieces are $90 each though a florist. I know Costco has great prices!
  • Bianca
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    We鈥檙e spending around $125 per centrepiece. We decided to go with 100% real flowers, and they literally take care of everything for us.
  • Meghan
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    We are also spending $45 per centerpiece. We have greenery on the head table as well and that is $12 per foot

  • Leah
    VIP April 2019 British Columbia

    We're spending about $45 per table for about 7 centrepieces.

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