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Brittany, on 13/April/2018 at 13:17 Posted in Plan a wedding
Whats your pricing for invites and rsvps?


  • Jackie
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    Jackie ·
    Got an estimate from Logie Paperie for $401. Take was for save the date and invitations with rsvp and return envelope, liner and belly band.
    Now I’m thinking that’s a lot of money.
  • BunnyBride
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    BunnyBride ·
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    I am doing the same thing! I am trying to find or wait until a good promo code/promo comes up. Even without it, I looking at less than $160 for envelopes, RSVPs, and invitations for 100 of each (We're inviting 80 people, but, if we get a lot of no's to invite others, coffee gets spilled on them, or whatever...we want extra to cover our butts! lol)

    I am doing the design, so that part we don't have to pay for either

  • Helen
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    Helen ·
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    I love the wording on the front; we went with a similar "exchange vows of forever in love and friendship"

    Happy planning and congrats!

  • J
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    JuneBride ·
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    I was looking at that when I was ordering cards. I would have gotten it, but it didn't fit with my colours.

    I got this instead. It's pretty and simple and fits with my wedding coloursPricing 1

  • J
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    JuneBride ·
    I got mine each invite with an rsvp was 90 cents each plus tax. I got it along with my save the date cards because they were having a sale. Right now I believe their sale is 71 cents per rsvp and 62 cents per invitation.

  • Ashleigh
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    Ashleigh ·
    $35 custom package on Etsy which included Thank you, RSVP and Invitations. It cost $80 to have them printed professionally at a local shop. I found envelopes at Michael's for $30 and we had them all printed for $90. We also got matching custom stamps made at Canada Post when they were on sale. I think they were $1.15 each.
  • Amanda
    Curious July 2019 Alberta
    Amanda ·

    We bought blank cards and envelopes at Michaels $7/50. Planning on printing a engagement picture putting it on the front with scrapbook corners, printing the invite as a picture or on paper and putting it on the inside.

  • Ashley
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    Ashley ·
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    Thank you !
  • Sara
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    Sara ·

    I bought invitation sets at Michael's and my FMIL is going to print them (she's a graphic designer), I think we spent like $72 on them. Which is definitely a really good deal.

    We had initially thought about printing them with Costco, they have several designs and whole sets you can get, that's also a cheap deal.

  • Kay
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    Kay ·
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    Oh my gosh, I looooooove those invites!

  • Stephanie
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    Stephanie ·

    Freeeeee~~~ The one work perk I get! Haha!

  • A
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    Amanda ·
    65 invitations with envelopes and 65 reply cards with envelopes, with tax and shipping $195
  • Jocelyn
    Expert August 2018 Ontario
    Jocelyn ·
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    That's really pretty!! I wanted to go with Vistaprint, but I chose Stephita because they give feedback via phone/email and email proofs of the finished product.
  • Jen
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    Jen ·

    I think we spent around $100 max. Our template was only $12, bought paper on sale from Michaels and bought our envelopes for a discounted price too.

  • Ashley
    Newbie August 2018 Ontario
    Ashley ·

    I ordered from Vistaprint. My total was $270 and I ordered 150 invites, 150 rsvp cards, 10 magnets and 120 stickers (to seal the envelopes). Cost also depends on the type to paper you want the invites on. They were also super quick on delivery. I did not pay for the quick shipping just the regular shipping yet I ordered on a Friday and received it that Monday. Everyone compliments on on how nice the invites are.

    Front of InvitePricing 2

    Back of invitePricing 3

  • Bethany
    Super July 2018 Alberta
    Bethany ·
    With my invitations, envelopes, return address labels, and envelope seals, it came out to $79 for 150 invitations. That's was with vista print on their 40 or 50% off sale though.

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