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Leslee, on 12/March/2018 at 14:38 Posted in DIY

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I would love to make something along the lines of this photo BUT I have no clue how much material I will need or how long and wide to make it. I plan on hanging it on the side of my grandmas house so people can take cute little Polaroids for us in front of the back drop.

Has anyone tried this personally or have any tips on fabric ?



  • Leslee
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    Leslee ·
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    Oh Thank you! That is perfect

  • Stephanie
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    Stephanie ·

    I would suggest doing a backdrop that's 8 feet tall and then between 6-8 feet wide depending on how many people you'd like to fit in it.

    A fabric store for material would be your best bet! If you're close to Toronto, Queen Street West of Spadina has a TON of stores that have great prices! Most bolts of fabric come in width of 40 or 60 inches. 2.5 meters would give you the 8 foot length you need, and then you can cut into strips to attach to the top bar!

    These strips look to be about 4" wide, so for a piece of material that is 60" wide and 2.5m in length you can get 15 strips of that colour. for an 8 foot wide backdrop I'd say 120 strips would be perfect for a nice full look!

    So you can get 8 different colours of material (60" width and then get 2.5m of each") to make a pretty awesome backdrop!

  • Cherry
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    Cherry ·

    I depends on where do you want to hang it. Will it be on the wall of the house or between trees?. Based on the pictures you posted, I think the material is organza cutting into strips of 4" width. Two colours, white and pink. I guess the gold strips are ribbon. If it's going to be the backdrop of photo booth, I guess, it has to be at least 6.5' or 7' tall and 6' width.

    Another easy one is making a curtain from tulle. Tulle is cheaper than organza. You will only need one big piece (2.5 times of the length you need and sew in the sparkling ribbons and pink stripes in between after you gathered the tulle on the rope to create the ripples.

    Hope it helps. They are very easy to make.

  • Karen
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    Karen ·
    Here is the picture the link is not working

    ok diy ladies 2
  • Karen
    Expert September 2018 Ontario
    Karen ·
    Measure the place you'll be putting it. Then here is what size it'll go with. http://blog.backdropexpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/be-size-comparison.jpg

    As for Fabrics, fabricland has tons of choices. Goodluck

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