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Non-floral aisle/pew markers

Lydia, on 8/October/2018 at 21:27 Posted in DIY


I'm looking for alternatives to floral/candle/lantern aisle/pew markers. I don't really like the look of pom poms either, however seem to be the other alternative.





  • Sharlene
    Devoted August 2019 Alberta
    Sharlene ·

    We are having a small wedding and plan to have 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 bible verse put onto wooden planks/sign.

  • Lydia
    Beginner June 2019 British Columbia
    Lydia ·
    Thanks everyone! I loved these ideas! My FH wasn't keen on most, unfortunately. He loved this idea from a previous bride, though!

    Japanese glass ballsNon-floral aisle/pew markers 1

  • Donna
    Devoted July 2019 Ontario
    Donna ·

    We are having hanging baskets along the chairs outside, .

  • Candace
    VIP May 2019 Ontario
    Candace ·
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    This is actually such a cute idea. Omg
  • BunnyBride
    Expert August 2020 Nova Scotia
    BunnyBride ·
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    This is an amazing idea! It could also be a great way to honour those who have passed you wanted to be there too with maybe a picture or two...and so easy to adjust for feel, colour, and themes with all the different frames out there.

  • Melissa
    Frequent user September 2018 Quebec
    Melissa ·
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    That is so cute and different!
  • Leah
    VIP April 2019 British Columbia
    Leah ·
    I love the sophisticated playfulness of giant balloons like the ones in this photo. Multicoloured are nice but I would go with all white or some other cohesive colour.

    Non-floral aisle/pew markers 2
  • Lydia
    Devoted June 2019 British Columbia
    Lydia ·
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    This is such an adorable idea! ❤️
  • Bianca
    Featured August 2019 Ontario
    Bianca ·
    Have you considered using some vines or other greenery? That’s what we’re doing ☺️
  • Stephanie
    VIP May 2019 Ontario
    Stephanie ·
    Ignore the lanterns but I've been thinking of just the fabric bows on the ends of the pews! We dont want to do too much.

    Non-floral aisle/pew markers 3
  • E
    Expert December 2018 Ontario
    Emma ·
    How about swags of tulle or some other material along the pews. That would only work though if people can access the pews from the other sides
  • Tori Doll
    Featured October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori Doll Online ·

    How about pictures? They could start with you and your FH being babies and the closer you get to the the end of your walk down the aisle the older you get.

    Pew markersNon-floral aisle/pew markers 4

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