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New, Old, Borrowed & Blue

Joneve, on 13/February/2018 at 22:05 Posted in Wedding fashion
Do brides still follow this tradition of something new, old borrowed and blue?

I have something new - wedding dress, old and blue - my grandmothers pendant.

But something borrowed I'm not sure about...... thoughts?



  • Lor
    Frequent user August 2018 Ontario
    Lor ·

    I probably wont be. I guess i tried but haven't been able to get it all.

    Something new - Dress

    Something old - Diamond heart bracelet my mom gave me on her wedding day

    Something borrow and something blue i am out of luck.

    We aren't traditional as we aren't doing the garter toss or bouquet toss either so i guess i shouldn't stress too much about this either.

  • Sara
    Devoted October 2018 Ontario
    Sara ·
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    Ask your mom or FMIL for some borrowed/old jewelry to wear the day of, that's what I'm doing anyway.

    Maybe, a grandmother or older aunt?

    Doesn't have to be super out there, maybe a bracelet or earrings. you can even wear something around your ankle if you already have your jewelry picked out.

  • Sarah
    Beginner June 2018 British Columbia
    Sarah ·

    I've got something new: dress, veil, garter. Something blue: my heels. But nothing old and nothing borrowed! Help!

  • Sara
    Devoted October 2018 Ontario
    Sara ·

    My something Blue/New will be my garter - still need to buy this

    My something New could also be that I'm getting new lingerie

    My something Old/Borrowed - I've asked my mom and will ask my grandmother too and see what I can borrow from them

    Although I bought my dress secondhand, so that could also be old.

    and I wanted to do the "And a silver sixpence (penny) in her shoe" part too, but our pennies are bronze and non-existent anymore, so maybe I'll use a dime? hehe

  • Kaisha
    Featured March 2019 Nova Scotia
    Kaisha ·

    This is the only tradition I actually want to do. I am pretty early in the planning stages though and have not decided on what I will use.

  • Marcia
    Super August 2018 Manitoba
    Marcia ·

    I haven't thought about this, but I definitely would love to do it!

  • Peggy
    Super May 2019 Alberta
    Peggy ·


    Something old - My mother's veil, remade into my veil

    Something new - My dress and jewelry

    Something borrowed - my great grandmother's handkerchief, borrowed from my grandmother

    Something blue - my shoes!

    New, Old, Borrowed & Blue 1

    The real question - who is following the very last line of that poem:

    And a silver sixpence (penny) in her shoe!

  • Breanne
    Expert August 2018 Ontario
    Breanne ·

    I am going to be following this although still putting it together...

    So far I have:

    Something Old - My grandmothers ring

    Something New - My dress

    Something Borrowed - I've asked my mom to find something of hers (maybe a bracelet) that I can borrow

    Something Blue - Although I'm still on the lookout for them I'm hoping to find blue heels (my bridesmaids dresses are blue)

    I would say for something borrowed see if your mom or FH's mom have something you borrow whether it be a piece of jewelry or a broach you can pin on the inside of your dress

  • Eimear
    Curious June 2018 British Columbia
    Eimear ·

    My mother in law to be has given me her pearls and a pearl ring as my something borrowed. My bridesmaid are covering my something old and something blue which is a garter lol.

  • Cynthia
    Curious August 2020 Ontario
    Cynthia ·
    I would like to do this
  • L
    Newbie September 2017 Ontario
    Lana ·

    I followed tradition because I thought it was cute but other than the pictures of the details no one really notices so don't stress over it. If all you're missing is something borrowed, borrowing whatever jewellery you still need or a purse or something will save you from having to buy it.

  • Jen
    VIP June 2018 Ontario
    Jen ·

    I couldn't think of anything borrowed either or the something blue.. other than possibly painting my toenails blue. I don't think I will end up following this tradition. We aren't doing any of the other traditions either, like the garter or bouquet toss.

  • Brittany
    Featured January 2019 British Columbia
    Brittany ·

    Most people happen upon all 4 of these by accident. I hadn't actually given it much thought yet, but I realize I already have:

    New - wedding dress

    Old, Blue - Grandma's garter cut/wrapped around bouquet (Grandma passed away this year, so it was in memory of her)

    Borrowed - Other Grandma's wedding band (Passed away before any of her 8 grandkids got married, so I have it, and lend it out to each grandchild on their wedding day to "have her with them")

    So I guess the last one is actually not borrowed for me, maybe I'll have to find something else for that...

    Usually sentimental items come up, regardless if they fit perfectly in the the Old, New, Borrowed, Blue set-up. I like it though, adds special touches!!

  • Natalee
    Curious October 2018 Ontario
    Natalee ·

    I haven't really decided as of yet if I or my fiance are going to do this...we haven't discussed this. Guess we better! Thanks for all of the ideas!!!

  • Surina
    Frequent user March 2018 Ontario
    Surina ·

    My new is my dress, old is my fh mothers cameo pin that i had attached to my bouquet my borrowed will be my mothers pearls and my blue is my garter.

  • Laura
    Frequent user October 2018 British Columbia
    Laura ·
    I think it's a really nice idea but my fiance and I aren't super traditional so I probably won't be sticking with this one unless it happens by accident. We're also skipping the bouquet and garter toss and not having a cake.

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