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Morning wedding getting ready?

Lydia, on 10/August/2018 at 21:11 Posted in Plan a wedding
Hi morning / early lunch ceremony brides!

Our wedding is probably gonna be either at 10.30 or 11, it's about half an hour drive from where we're getting ready, but to be sure we'd probably leave about an hour beforehand (lots of trouble driving there most of the time regarding traffic). Since we still have to change clothes after everything is done we should probably be done by 9 for hair and make up if we want to be there at 10.30?

I 've started looking around for hair and make up artists for me and three bridesmaids. And just got a time frame for hair from 5 to 9, which really worries me about telling the girls about this Haha. How did you guys do your morning weddings? Around what time did you had to start getting ready? And I heard make up needs to be done beforehand? I'm worried that I'm gonna have to tell my bridesmaids to get up at like 3, which seems super extreme :o and a lot to demand of them


  • Jessie
    Expert September 2018 Ontario
    Jessie ·

    Our ceremony is going to start at 3:30pm. I am renting the bridal suite at a nearby hotel for the girls and I the night before so we will start hair and makeup at around 9am and done by 1ish. With 6 of us getting hair and makeup it will be scattered back and forth for people getting their hair and makeup complete- so not all at once. Me being the bride will be near the middle. They don't want you first or last. I would give yourself some extra time to make sure you have some wiggle room for the "what if" scenarios!

  • Erin
    Master September 2017 Ontario
    Erin ·

    I had a ceremony start time of 4pm and I wanted to be dressed by 3:30 so my hair lady told me that she would need to be there at 9 so that she could be done with us close to 2 and there were only 4 of us getting hair done. Makeup artist showed up around noon and was done a bit later than hair. It is a long process and you need to add extra time as you need to also drive somewhere.

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