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Junior bridesmaid and bachelorette —what to do !!

Emily, on 12/November/2018 at 05:14 Posted in Before the wedding
Hello everyone !!

I am having such a dilemma ! My sister in law to be is 16 when we will be hosting my bachlorette and everyone else is 22+!

My MOH suggested to do an all inclusive to accomendate my junior bridesmaid but I feel that will not accomendate everyone budget and asking a lot of people to take time off work !!

I had suggested to go to Montreal — but people are saying your paying just the same amount as going away!

Anywho does anyone have suggestions ?I had told everyone I don’t care where we go/ what we do — as long as everyone is there it’ll be fun ( it’s the company you keep )!

I dont want to do a half day with her and then go out with the of age girls it feels like I’m ditching her !

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!



  • Emily
    Newbie October 2019 Ontario
    Emily ·

    Hey Everyone,

    Thank you so much for taking the time for your suggestions and input -- it means a lot !!

    I ended up talking to my junior bridesmaid about it. She is the type that is low key and going out is not her thing yet. So as a group we had all decided for the girls who would like to do a mini get a way out of town for 4 days is welcome to join ! And for those who are unable to attend, we decided closer to the wedding ( august/sept) we are going to do a nice dinner with everyone to make sure we all get a night out together as a group to celebrate !

    As for where too? Well I decided to step back and let my MOH take over and do the rest of the planning !

  • Dar
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    Dar ·
    Two girlfriends and I rented a cottage just out of town and had a ‘camping weekend’ followed by a nice mani/pedi at an upscale spa. Dinner and drinks around a fire and could easily accommodate a 16 year old and lots of people. Also, if there’s one within a couple hours of where you live, people could just come out for the day depending on their budget
  • C
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    Catherine ·
    When my 2 sisters got married i was 15 and 16. I was a bridesmaid for both and participated in the wedding shower, but as they each had a night out bar hoping for the bachelorette, i didn't come to that. However I didn't mind. It wasn't my type of thing and I knew I'd feel out of place, so i made them know I didn't expect to be present, so they wouldn't feel bad.
    Your case is a bit different though, and I think it's amazing you are trying to make sure she feels included as much as possible, just in case she really does want to be part of the entire day.
    What about after a spa day you guys just go to a nice restaurant for dinner? Those that want alcohol can order what they want, and she can order virgin drinks.
    By the way I am from montreal. 😊 you could do a montreal weekend trip and stay at an airbnb. It's less expensive, and in general I have better experiences with airbnbs than hotels. Depending on how far you live (and if you need to take a flight) I am sure it would cost less than what a nice all inclusive would.
  • Jennifer
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    Jennifer ·

    Our niece is our JR bridesmaid. but she will only be 12 years old. so we aren't including her on the bachelorette. if she was 16. I still don't know if I would include her.

    if you did something near where she lives. she could join you for daytime things/dinner and then not go out at night. could do the spa, an escape room, theatre. you also have the option of renting a house and you can do things at the house where she is included. and if you bar hop later. maybe give her the option of bringing a friend?

    if you are thinking somewhere south/resort. its easy to include her too. just depends on cost. right.

    good luck with it.

  • A
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    Amanda ·
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    There is always dinner out, go to a show. Depending on when you have it, do a weekend or day trip hiking or tobogganing
  • Emily
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    Emily ·
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    Hey Amanda ,

    a spa day sounds so nice !! I only have the one bridesmaid that is under age so my dilemma is not wanting to leave her behind !

    But the spa sounds like a nice way to start the day ! Just trying to figure out what would be fun for night time that can include the 16 year old
  • Emily
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    Emily ·
    Hey Stephanie ,

    thanks for your input ! I will reccomend that idea to my friends and see what they think
  • A
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    Amanda ·

    What about doing a sap day? I am planning a paintball event with the wedding party and half of them are under 16 and than the bridal party are doing a girls weekend at Blue Mountain with an afternoon at the spa, than few drinks and hot tub with the 19+ ladies. My dad lives up there so he is willing to watch the younger ones if I need. My 2 daughters are in the wedding.

  • Stephanie
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    Stephanie ·
    I'm going to Blue Mountain with my girls for a weekend for about 150 each! You can party it up there or keep it more mild easily theres tons to do for any age! Great restaurants and shops! Pools and spas!

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