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Honeymoon Plans? Let’s Discuss Below!

Natasha, on 2/October/2018 at 17:01 Posted in Honeymoon
1. How far in advance did you/are you booking your honeymoon?
2. How quick after the wedding do you plan to go on your honeymoon? Days? Weeks?
3. Where are you planning on going?
4. What is your budget? Destination?


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  • Rekramer
    Expert November 2018 Ontario
    Rekramer ·

    Our honeymoon ended up being a little weird. Originally, we planned no honeymoon because we are taking an extended trip to Europe next year to see my family and have a little honeymoon then. Then, we got so frustrated during wedding planning that we decided we were going to take a short honeymoon. We planned our honeymoon about 4 months in advance of the wedding, paid the final payment for it about 2 months beforehand. Our wedding is on the saturday night, we are leaving monday at 7 a.m. and then coming back on the friday, so 4.5 days. And we're going to Mexico. We chose a pretty nice resort and a pretty luxurious room at the resort so its costing us about $4000 for the 2 of us, including flights, hotel, food and alcohol.

    The european half of the trip will be planned after the wedding and with the help of a travel agent because trying to figure out where its best to fly in and out of italy, and how to rent a car, is proving to stressful for me.

  • Chelsea
    Beginner June 2020 Alberta
    Chelsea ·
    1- Our wedding is still just under 20 months out, so will likely book next summer
    2- We’re hoping to leave within about a week of the wedding
    3- Walt Disney World in Florida!
    4- Hoping to keep the budget at or around 5K
  • K
    Frequent user June 2019 Ontario
    Kim ·
    We haven't booked yet but will likely do so in the new year. Thinking of booking a glamping trip or an inn in prince Edward county.
    We're just doing a weekend honeymoon bc we have 2 small kids and need to be close to home / available if needed. It'll be a week or 2 after the wedding. No real budget but I don't anticipate it costing thousands for a weekend.
  • Vanessa
    Curious September 2019 Ontario
    Vanessa ·

    1. Haven't booked just yet but hoping to do so soon!
    2. Getting married Sept 2019 and going to do a weekend mini-moon right after the wedding (maybe wine country?) and our big honeymoon in May the following year.
    3. ITALY!!! Since we are getting married in September it would be a great time to go right after the wedding but I'm not sure I want to rush right into the honeymoon, which is why we might wait until May.
    4. I'm assuming it'll be between 5-10K but not sure yet!

  • Alexandra
    Super November 2019 British Columbia
    Alexandra ·
    1. We’ll probably be booking 7-8 months out mainly because I know where we’re going and we’re going off season
    2. Months- our wedding is the end of November so we want to stick around for Christmas and New Years and such. We’ll probably go in like the March-April area
    3. England- it’s where I was born and I’d love to show him.
    4. $10,000- Pretty sure we’ll come under that but with the flights and a place to stay looking at $6000 alone we wanted to make sure we had a good buffer for all the things we want to do!
  • Renee
    Devoted October 2018 Ontario
    Renee ·
    We marry Friday October 19th, we fly out Sunday October 21st to Montego Bay for a week to a brand new adults only resort. Cannot wait ♥ our budget was high but got this 5 star resort for a steal because of its grand opening sale
  • Shla
    Frequent user September 2019 Ontario
    Shla ·
    No honeymoon for us! We have too much on our plates as it is.
  • Stephanie
    Featured July 2018 Alberta
    Stephanie ·

    We had talked about our honeymoon from the beginning of planning. We decided our destination three months before though. We stuck to a fairly local place and are going to a tropical destination for our one year anniversary.

    We left three days after our wedding for 8 days. We flew to Vancouver and drove to the Sunshine Coast and rented and Airbnb there.

  • Casey
    Devoted October 2019 Ontario
    Casey ·
    1. I started researching last month for places. I haven’t had time to narrow down a spot so that will have to happen soon
    2. We are planning on going a couple weeks after our wedding
    3. Will be going somewhere warm! Either Punta Cana or Mexico
    4. 2 weeks at an all inclusive for a good resort is anywhere between $5,000 and $8,000. As long as we stay under $7,500 taxes in we will be ok!
  • Brittany
    Featured January 2019 British Columbia
    Brittany ·

    1. We booked our honeymoon approximately 9-10 months out. We are taking a cruise, so once we decided on what we were doing, we booked, so we had good choices for our state room.
    2. We are going straight to the airport hotel from our reception. We fly out the next day, and come back 12 days later.
    3. 11-Night Southern Caribbean Cruise (Royal Caribbean out of Ft Lauderdale, going to Bonaire, Curacao, Aruba, St. Lucia and Antigua)
    4. We are registering our honeymoon for our wedding gift, and fortunately my parents have booked our flights and one hotel with their air miles/travel rewards, and our first night has been gifted to us by my god parents so we can stay in a suite at the airport. Actual money due for the trip will be around $5,000 CAD. With flights and hotels, it would have been more like $7,000.

  • Angel
    Frequent user June 2019 British Columbia
    Angel ·

    1. I've already finished planning it...but will start booking stuff one year in advance!

    2. We're planning to go in Oct, 4 months after our wedding as we want to save by traveling when it's low season.

    3. We're going to Maui for 7 days!

    4. Budget is around $8,000...would like to spend less if possible!

  • Tori
    Featured October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori ·

    1. I haven't started yet and as of this Friday I am 1 year until the wedding so I will start looking into it closer to the 10 month mark like Biance perhaps.

    2. I think we may end up waiting a couple months - it all depends on if I am taking a class at night or not. For example if I was getting married this October then the soonest we could go is November 16th for me, but then my FH will be too busy at work and won't be able to go until maybe January, but then what if I take another course?? lol We will see!

    3. I would love to go anywhere warm and cheap! lol One of the big things we will look for is where our dollar is either on par with their currency or ours is better (aka - no USA...)

    4. Budget will probably be $5000 all in all. Anymore and I can't quite justify it as we have a house and 2 pets and want to start a family as soon as we are married (God willing of course).

  • Allison
    Featured October 2019 Ontario
    Allison ·

    1. We officially booked 13 months in advance

    2. We are leaving a few days after our wedding (2-3 days).

    3. We are going to Miami for a few days then departing on a Caribbean cruise to Honduras, Mexico, and the Bahamas!

    4. Budget is around $6000 all said and done.

  • Bianca
    Featured August 2019 Ontario
    Bianca ·
    1. I actively started researching honeymoon destinations this past week (10 months pre-wedding).

    2. We’re planning to go on our honeymoon 3 days after the wedding.

    3. I don’t know where we’re going! Still planning it.

    4. Our budget is max $8000. However, we’re aiming to keep it closer to to $5000.

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