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Dana, on 12/January/2018 at 13:17 Posted in Honeymoon
Has anyone purchased new clothes/bathing suits for their honeymoon? I’m specifically wondering if anyone has found a good place to order online that’s been affordable and hasn’t had a big charge for shipping to Canada/duties. I’m not much of an online shopper usually but most stores don’t have anything summery in yet and I’ve still not been able to find a good place to shop for affordable bathing suits.


  • Alexandra
    Featured November 2019 British Columbia
    Alexandra ·
    I agree with everyone that said La Vie en Rose. I got the best bathing suit from there, after looking pretty much everywhere! It was gorgeous and I felt awesome in it. That was last June, and it’s my only bathing suit and I’ve done a lot of swimming and it’s awesome quality. Not the first bathing suit I’ve bought from them either. Worth every penny!
  • Ashleigh
    Devoted August 2018 Ontario
    Ashleigh ·
    So my swimsuits from Cupshe arrived today. If you follow the size guide and read the review's for sizing, there shouldn't be any issues. I love all 3 swimsuits, they are well made and they all fit well. You can get 10% off for first time purchases. All 3 came to $80 USD. So around $100 Canadian. Woot! I still think swimwear is their jam, the clothing looks kind of shotty.
  • Erin
    Master September 2017 Ontario
    Erin ·

    Try looking at SportChek and La Vie en Rose and Bikini Village for bathing suits. There is also likely a bathing suit specific store in your area.

  • Michelle
    Super September 2018 Alberta
    Michelle ·

    I'll be buying new clothes luckily my honeymoon isn't until Nov 2018. So when I go buy new bathing suites and clothes most of those items will be "out of season" so some stores will do clearance or end of season sales so you can shop then as well. I saw a few a La Vien Rose for bathing suites I liked, Costco was selling nice covers that you can wear on beaches over your bathing suites. I wasn't a fan of their swim wear but they were cheap at $22 for a one piece.

  • Julie
    Beginner July 2019 Quebec
    Julie ·
    Chek on Aliexpress.com (make sure to chek the reviews (pictures from buyers) before buying)! I bought alot of bathing suit from there for less then 10$! (The sizes are smaller so ask the seller to help you buy the right size. That’s what I do normaly) Hope I helped xx
  • Ashleigh
    Devoted August 2018 Ontario
    Ashleigh ·
    I just ordered 3 bathing suits from cupshe and it came to $85 with shipping. I heard their clothing isn't very good quality but I'll let you know what the swimsuits are like when they arrive. I watched a bunch of cupshe swimsuit "unboxing" videos before purchasing. I want to get a few cute outfits for warm weather so I'll be watching the replies here I also want to get "Just Married" beer koozys for our honeymoon and stickers for our luggage.
  • Breanne
    Expert August 2018 Ontario
    Breanne ·

    Usually La Vie en Rose has some cute swimwear and a wide range of styles. I've always had luck with them - their tops are supportive and everything pretty good quality. I believe they ship from Canada so their shouldn't be any duty

    They also sell some beachwear - coverups, dresses etc.

    If you have a store in your area you can drop by too, swimwear is usually in the back. Although you'll probably find a better selection online


  • Ap2017
    Super September 2017 Ontario
    Ap2017 ·

    I ordered bathing suits from cupshe. They have good prices and reasonable shipping costs to Canada. I have a couple of clothing items from them as well, but the quality of the clothing wasn't as high as that of the bathing suits.

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