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Kim, on March 13, 2018 at 00:03 Posted in Honeymoon

Can someone explain honeyfund.com to me a bit? I've played with the site and the best I can figure out is that the gifts one registers for end up as cash donations towards gift cards from specific partners on the site, but where do I see who the partners we can use are? I'd hate to get people donating money to the fund and then end up with limited/unuseable companies I can use to redeem the gifts with.



  • K
    Expert September 2018 British Columbia
    Kim ·
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    Thanks - yes, I don't want something that takes cuts, so sounds like honeyfund is out.

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  • Jen
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    Jen ·
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    We were going to use that site but ended up going through a travel company in our city as they offer a honeymoon fund but don't take a cut of it like honeyfund does. You should look into that instead of using this.

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