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Courtney, on 12/September/2019 at 13:48 Posted in Plan a wedding
If someone invited us to their wedding. But we are not close to them, does that automatically mean that we need to invite them to our wedding. My mother says no, his mother says yes. We are trying to keep things small.


  • Vinod
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    Vinod ·


    Just because you feel you attended their wedding at the time as their guests and they being close to you in their way. You don't need to invite them to yours. Small and tight budget is your aim and stick to it.

    I have a huge family within the states (lots of cousins from my aunts family) and international. I avoided inviting them due to budgeting and keeping the number low for our purpose of immediate family only and local friends.

  • Bianca
    Featured August 2019 Ontario
    Bianca ·

    Did you attend their wedding yet? If so, inviting them would be courteous. However, if you really intend to keep it small, then skip them.

  • Amelia
    Featured September 2020 Ontario
    Amelia ·

    I say no, especially if you're trying to keep things small. We were invited to a wedding last year for my FH's grandma's goddaughter who we'd never met, but there were at least 300 guests at hers. We're keeping ours to <100 people so she and her hubby will not be invited to ours.

  • Rayanne
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    Rayanne ·
    You do not have to invite them to your wedding. It's your day if you are keeping it small they will understand
  • Casey
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    Casey ·

    If you are keeping things small, you don't have to. It is your day, and you invite those who you want to be there, don't feel like you have to!

    FH's parents thought we had to invite everyone whos wedding we went to, or if they were invited to their wedding, so we did, and none of them are coming to ours anyways. So it was one of those " well we invited them" lol

  • Katelyn
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    Katelyn ·
    Absolutely not. You are not obligated to invite anyone to your wedding. It's your day. Don't waste money on people you're not close to when you can invite people you are close to.
  • Allison
    Master October 2019 Ontario
    Allison ·

    Definitely not! FH and I were invited and attended a wedding last year and did not invite the couple to our wedding (we had a lot of family-obligated invites). We added them to our B list after getting so many no's but they weren't able to and there's no hard feelings Smiley smile

  • Tori Doll
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    Tori Doll ·

    Nope! That's like when somebody asks you to be a BM/GM but you don't ask them. It's not your fault you have closer friends than them but they are the closest that they have.

    For sure keep them in mind though if you get any no's rsvp'd!

  • C
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    Courtney ·
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    Thank you so much. His mother keeps trying to add people to the guest list. People we do not even know. And we keep trying to keep it small.
  • Caitlyn
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    Caitlyn ·

    No, you do not need to invite them to your wedding, especially if you are keeping things small. Invite those you are close to.

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