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Groom in a cast

Emily, on 5/May/2018 at 22:11 Posted in Wedding fashion
Hi everyone!! Looking for some advice if anyone has ever experience this before! 14 days before the wedding and the groom had ankle surgery! He will not be able to put weight in it in time for the wedding! Looking for some advice of how we can still get great pictures and enjoy the night!


  • Vinod
    Master August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·
    Make the best of the situation and be close to some trees or somewhere he can lean back on.
  • Marcia
    Super August 2018 Manitoba
    Marcia ·

    This happened to a friend of mine. You should embrace it, include some fun pics during your photo sessions. There pictures turned out really great. I would just make sure your fiancé doesn't have to do a lot of travelling from place to place.

  • Rekramer
    Expert November 2018 Ontario
    Rekramer ·
    Happened to a friend. Just make sure there isn’t too much travelling and for things like the ceremony, he can lean on something and doesn’t have to hold crutches the whole time.
  • Courtney
    Super July 2018 Ontario
    Courtney ·

    This happened to one of my friends, the groom broke his ankle the weekend before the wedding.

    They just rolled with it, and put him in a hard cast so he could sort of stand. He sat between pictures, but honestly - the pictures turned out great and they now laugh about the story of him hobbling down the aisle with her after getting married.

  • Erin
    Master September 2017 Ontario
    Erin ·

    I hope all will be ok in the long but I agree with everyone on here that you just have to run with it and make the best of it.

  • Stephanie
    Featured May 2019 Ontario
    Stephanie ·
    I agree with everyone! Make the best of it it'll be fun to look back on hahah!
    And as someone else suggested he can always tuck his leg behind your dress to try and cover it? Maybe paint it to match the suit colour?
    I'm sure it'll be fine! Take more knee up photos too!
  • Sara
    Devoted October 2018 Ontario
    Sara ·
    Totally agree, embrace it and have fun with it. Yo guys can totally have super fun and hilarious photo ops.
    And if you want the formal photo, maybe he can hide his leg behind your dress? (That is if the dress is puffy enough)
  • Chloe
    Super May 2018 Ontario
    Chloe ·
    I agree, I think you should embrace it in the photos. It’s something unique and will add character to your photos. Life happens! And it will continue to happen in your marriage! A cast is a pretty good symbol of that.
  • Emily
    Devoted November 2018 Ontario
    Emily ·
    Oh no I hope everything will be okay in the long-run with his ankle! I think you should embrace it in the photos! Make an exciting memory of it. If you don't already have kids, image how fun telling that story will be for them when they get older. Make the best of a bad situation

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