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Got my wedding flowers!!

Missa, on 11/August/2019 at 08:39 Posted in Plan a wedding
We decided to go with artificial flowers instead of real flowers and I’m very happy with the result!!

Got my wedding flowers!! 1

Got my wedding flowers!! 2

Got my wedding flowers!! 3


  • Rayanne
    Featured February 2021 Ontario
    Rayanne ·
    Very pretty
  • Tori
    Featured October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori ·

    They look great! very cute

  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·

    Very nice flowers being simple and easy for its look. Nice shade of colour.

  • Casey
    Featured October 2019 Ontario
    Casey ·
    Those are beautiful. They look very natural!

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