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Gift Ideas for Ring Bearer and Flower Girls

Marissa, on July 11, 2019 at 16:09 Posted in Before the wedding
Hi everyone. I'm struggling to come up with sentimental gifts for the ring bearer and 3 flower girls. Everyone in the wedding party is family, so we got them fairly pricey sentimental gifts. We got the 2 bridesmaids royal doulton figurines and the 2 groomsmen engraved pocket watches. I want to get the kids something along the same lines (something they can keep forever), but I'm struggling. I looked at Precious Moments figurines, and Pandora and Swarovski jewelry, but nothing was appropriate. I'm trying to stay in the $30-40 range because I have to buy 4 things. Any suggestions?

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Gift Ideas for Ring Bearer and Flower Girls 2


  • Marissa
    Devoted August 2019 Ontario
    Marissa ·
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    We decided on silver charms--flowers for the girls, a top hat for the boy. They can wear them on bracelets or chains.

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    Gift Ideas for Ring Bearer and Flower Girls 4
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  • Vinod
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    Vinod ·
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    The idea of Toys "R" Us gift card sounds good since they can buy anything they want. Build a Bear sounds equally as good for them to choose what they would like to have as their stuff animal. The choice is up to you both knowing what they would prefer better.

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  • Tonya
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    Tonya ·
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    My grandsons and granddaughters are walking me down the aisle. I am going to either do Build a Bear or Toys R Us gift cards. That way it’s their memory not mine. 😊
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  • Allison
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    Allison ·
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    I agree with getting them something they can play with, or a gift card to a toy store! Back when I was a flower girl, I got a build-a-bear that I still have!

    My ring bearer is getting a stuffed animal that he's carrying down the aisle and my flower girl is getting a tiara that she can wear that day and for playing dress up afterwards.

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  • Danae
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    Danae ·
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    I got my flowers girls and ring bearers gift cards to walmart. i got a video of them the other day thanking me for the toys they bought with it. and when i went over to their house the other day that was the first thing they wanted to show me.
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  • Casey
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    Casey ·
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    I agree with Tori. I got both of mine personalized T-shirts that they can wear and then keep. But I was looking at getting them bears. They can play with it now and then keep it when they get older
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  • Tori Doll
    Featured October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori Doll ·
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    I mean - I got an engraved jewellery box when I was a flower girl... gotta say... never use it...

    Best bet would to be to just take them to a toy store or build a bear. It may seem like nothing to you but to them they will love it. For me, I didn't love it then - and I don't love it now. A figurine for a kid just collects dust.

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