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Getting ready photos - help!

Natasha, on 7/January/2019 at 11:40 Posted in Beauty
I am working on my day off timeline and my photographer mentioned I should be ready by time they get there so hair and makeup should be done before they get there and then they will take my getting ready pictures. Did your getting ready pictures include getting hair and makeup done? Or is that not really necessary ? Let me know your thoughts.


  • Natasha
    Frequent user June 2019 Ontario
    Natasha ·
    Thanks ladies for the insight. I am now understanding the concept. I will do as most of you are and let them come once I’m all dolled up.
  • Jennifer
    Featured July 2019 Ontario
    Jennifer ·

    Most of the weddings I've been in, the "getting ready" photos have been once your hair and make up is done. so its you getting dressed/in your robes with girls if you are doing that. I've also seen some where the makeup artist is just finishing up (like touching up lipstick).

    personally i don't want my photographer there until after hair and make up is done because i don't want the mess on the table in the photos (aka...all the products/tools etc)

  • Stephanie
    Featured May 2019 Ontario
    Stephanie ·

    Nah! Be ready in maybe a "getting ready" robe with your girls! Have your hair and makeup done! You wont want to look at photos of you guys without the hair and makeup done, and you wont want to share those ones either haha! The "getting ready" pics is mainly for getting dressed! Having the photo of your MOH/Mom doing up the back of your dress, getting your jewellery on, veil. The photos are more for the party with your girls before hand and the final touches!

  • Casey
    Expert October 2019 Ontario
    Casey ·

    It really depends on how long you have your photographer for and how long it will take for everyone to get hair and makeup done.

    In my opinion, I don't want to waste a couple hours of my photographer being there to get the whole process. I am hoping for them to show up when we are almost done, and then get the dressing pictures.

    I can have someone in my wedding party/ parents/ family take pictures while we are getting ready.

  • Peggy
    Expert May 2019 Alberta
    Peggy ·

    It depends onw hat you want. My hair will be done and my makeup almost finished by the time my photographer gets there. She'll get a few pictures of the last final touches on my makeup being done, then get the dress pictures, etc.

  • Allison
    Featured October 2019 Ontario
    Allison Online ·

    Our getting ready photos will be us with hair and makeup done, to get a shot of the dress and accessories before putting them on. we are doing minimal getting-ready photos.

  • Natasha
    Frequent user June 2019 Ontario
    Natasha ·
    Ok thanks tori.
  • Tori
    Featured October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori ·

    I am having a close friend be my photographer so she will most likely get ready with us - but that seems okay to me. I wouldn't want many getting ready pictures of myself until after a face of makeup is put on

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