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Garden/enchanted Forest venue??

Kylee, on 24/May/2019 at 12:50 Posted in Alberta
Anyone have suggestions for a garden/enchanted forest themed wedding venue? Looking outdoors for 200 people, ideally with mountains in the background. Thanks !!


  • Marissa
    Curious August 2020 Alberta
  • Marissa
    Curious August 2020 Alberta
    Marissa ·

    I have contacted Woodland & Wildflower before - they were out of my price range and they said to me they can have a maximum of 100 people. I still have the email from, and them I could send you what they sent me if you want. There's another place I was considering that a friend suggested called Cornerstone Theatre in Canmore. Jasper has some nice venues as well https://mpljasper.com/weddings/

  • Seleena
    Super September 2019 British Columbia
    Seleena ·

    I may be biased, by my venue is stunning. You get beautiful ocean views, mountain views and they have a huge plot of land in the middle of the coastal rainforest. It. is. stunning. It's on the Sunshine Coast in BC. They have a few options for outdoor weddings.

    I'm not sure of numbers, I want to say maximum is either 150 or 200 but I'm not 100% sure. I'll include the link.

    West Coast Wilderness Lodge

  • K
    Newbie July 2021 Alberta
    Kylee ·
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    We are in the east central region. Thats a great idea to ask photographers, I am sure there a lot more than what is coming up. We are always willing to travel. We've even opened up options in BC.

    Thank you for your suggestions, Ill look into them!

  • Hélène
    Devoted September 2019 Alberta
    Hélène ·
    Hi Kylee,

    What part of the province are you in?

    I've heard good things about Woodland & Wildflower.

    There are a lot of options in and around the Banff area. From Tunnel Mountain to Lake Minnewanka, and a lot of the wedding companies and photographers have some hidden gems that may not even be on the radar. I found a lot of info just checking out their websites.

    If you're in the south, perhaps Waterton is an option?

  • Lauryn
    Newbie April 2020 Alberta
    Lauryn ·
    Hi there. I would suggest Pine and Pond in Ponoka or Woodland + Wildflower in Westlock County.
  • Tori
    Featured October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori ·

    Hi there Kylee - congrats on the engagement and welcome to the wedding wire community!!

    I'm not quite familiar with the province of Alberta (me being born and raised in Manitoba), but there are some very nice options that are listed here on wedding wire: Wedding Venues Alberta

    There are options to narrow the search down, but I'm not sure if you are looking for a specific area of AB or not. Also don't know your budget compared to the prices of some of these places... I've been to Banff for a regular trip and it was REALLY expensive to stay at The Fairmont but it was GORGEOUS!

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