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Friend or family member as officiant?

Lydia, on 14/February/2018 at 02:58 Posted in Wedding ceremony
In a lot of "save on your wedding!" posts I've seen the option come up of letting a friend of family be your officiant to save costs.
Now, we don't have anyone in our circle of friends or as family members who can actually already do that but Internet tells me this is fairly easy and basically for free online arranged?
Anyone experience with this? Or looked into it / has more knowledge of it?
Not sure if we'd actually consider doing it but I'm really confused and curious about what this is?


  • Barb
    Newbie September 2018 British Columbia
    Barb ·
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    Erin is right about having a court appointed marriage commissioner present and having the marriage legalized even if a friend or family member is performing the actual ceremony. Another option is to go through the legal formalities with the commissioner at a different time and/or place and then have the ceremony however & whenever the couple wishes.

    There are, however, no legitimate on-line courses in Canada that allows one to perform a legal marriage ceremony. To become a court appointed marriage commissioner in British Columbia requires an application when there is a vacancy in a specified area of the province. Positions are limited. If there is a spot open and you meet the terms, there is training involved to become licensed. The government website does provide the information & stipulations for applying.

  • J
    Beginner July 2018 Ontario
    Jaln ·

    It depends on where you are getting married. This is relatively easy to do in the US, but most places in Canada don't permit this.

  • Erin
    Master September 2017 Ontario
    Erin ·

    So in order for your marriage to be legal, someone who has the legal power to marry you must either marry you or be in attendance and do all the paperwork and the pronouncement. We had our friend as our "officiant" but we had a legally recognized officiant in the crowd and she provided all the paperwork etc to ensure it was all legal and legitimate.

    There are online courses that will allow you to become a legally recognized officiant but they usually take a few weekends. There should be some blurb on your province's or city's website in the section about marriage and weddings.

  • Vinod
    Master August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·
    Smart way to go about it and save that much more.

    If you recommended someone to do the online officiant certified, it may help you at the wedding. Why not look it up and it would take a few minutes i imagine.
  • N
    Newbie September 2019 New Brunswick
    Nicole ·
    This is something I want to do for our wedding. At this point, the plan is to get legally married at the courthouse a day or two before the wedding and then have a family friend "act" as an officient. This way the ceremony can be a little more personal and it can be as long or as short as we want.

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