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Friday wedding: Yay or Nay?

Victoria, on 28/June/2019 at 16:05 Posted in Plan a wedding
So my FH and I are looking at having our wedding in October of 2020. We've found a venue we absolutely love and is probably a bit out of our price range, but they offer an excellent deal for having a wedding on a Friday, which would put the cost more into our budget. Our thinking is that if we let people know far enough in advance it should give guests enough notice to book time off work.
What do people think about Friday weddings though? Are they acceptable or will it turn guests off too much?


  • Amie
    Frequent user August 2019 British Columbia
    Amie ·
    A Friday wedding is just fine IMO especially if you’re letting everyone know ahead of time. Save the money, take the deal and go for it!
  • Tammy
    Beginner November 2021 Ontario
    Tammy Online ·

    Your wedding, your budget, your decision. That said, you also need to be understanding if someone can't make it on a Friday. My fiance's family are still upset with us 4 yrs later that we weren't able to attend his cousin's wedding which was held on a Friday. I had just started a new job and couldn't ask for the day off and we had a new baby who had never spent a night away from us at that point and we weren't comfortable travelling so far away with her overnight someplace. Anyway, people have their reasons not to attend a Friday wedding, and you would just need to be understanding of that (esp 4 yrs I think I read an article on here that you should expect about 50% of your guests not to attend a Friday wedding, so that's a risk you'll need to weigh.

  • Sheena
    Beginner August 2019 Ontario
    Sheena ·

    Yes! I love Friday weddings! They keep it short and sweet as well as leave the rest of the weekend open for guests to carry on with the usual weekend activities. The main reason we didn't do a Friday one was because a bunch of our guest have to travel 3+ hours and we want to limit people having to take the day off. So where your guests are coming from may be something to consider for a Friday wedding but in all other accounts go for it!

  • Jennifer
    Beginner January 2020 Ontario
    Jennifer ·
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    I agree to this! Sunday weddings, unless a holiday is after, are no fun.
  • Jennifer
    Beginner January 2020 Ontario
    Jennifer ·
    Mine is on a Friday and we will be attending another wedding this August that is also on a Friday. I honestly have never minded Friday weddings as I can usually work in the morning and take off at around noon or 1, depending on how far away the venue is! The venue we chose also had an amazing deal for Friday's, but for the date range we wanted Fridays were the only available dates

    Hope that puts you at ease!
  • Tamara
    Curious July 2019 Nova Scotia
    Tamara ·

    I think if it's what you want and it makes it fit into your budget, go for it. I agree that if you plan the wedding for later in the day, even have a 5:00 ceremony supper won't be delayed too much and if you have guests that can't afford to take a whole day from work, it could accommodate them in they could still work till lunch or whenever, depending on how far they would have to travel.

  • Cora
    Newbie May 2020 British Columbia
    Cora ·
    I'm having mine on a Friday. I think it's a great way to save money, and honestly prefer it to getting married on a Saturday
  • Rebecca
    Newbie October 2020 Ontario
    Rebecca ·

    If its your dream wedding venue go for it! Try to have a later ceremony (4 or 430 pm) it will then allow your guest to even work a half day then, if they cant take a full day off.

  • Agnes
    Newbie May 2020 Ontario
    Agnes ·

    As long as you give guests enough notice, it should be fine. A lot of people work Saturdays, too, so it may not matter to them whether it's on a Friday or Saturday. My fiancé and I ran into this same issue and asked some of our guests if having the wedding on a Friday would make it more difficult for them to attend and we discovered a lot of our family guests work weekends anyway so it didn't matter to them, they had to take time off work either way.

  • Rachael
    Super October 2019 Ontario
    Rachael ·

    My fiancé and I's wedding will be on a Friday. Once you give your guests enough notice, they'll accommodate it if attending is a priority to them. (If it isn't, it's their loss!) My fiancé and I distributed our save-the-dates a little over a year in advance.

  • Sadia
    Beginner July 2020 Ontario
    Sadia ·
    Our wedding is Friday July 10, and I specifically requested a Friday only because that leaves Saturday AND Sunday for our guests to enjoy. A lot of my family is coming from overseas so it doesn’t really matter to them, but for those of us working here, it helps having it on a Friday so that we have the rest of the weekend to spend time with our family that paid a pretty penny to make it down for us! Our reception is at 6:30pm which gives guests enough time to get home and get ready! Just to be cautious I sent everyone their save the dates a few weeks ago!
  • Piapolkadot
    Beginner July 2019 Ontario
    Piapolkadot ·
    Our wedding is tomorrow, Friday July 12th!
    We sent our invites out end of Feb/early March, with an RSVP date of May 31st. Not one guest declined with work as an excuse. It helps that our ceremony is at 4:30pm and is only about 30 mins from the city most of our guests reside in, that way guests can still work a half day if needed!
  • Katherine
    Beginner August 2020 Prince Edward Island
    Katherine ·
    My mother actually wanted me to have a Friday wedding because having it on a Saturday “ruins people’s weekend” 😂😂 if they love you then they’ll put in for the time off or try to catch the reception or dance.
  • Kris
    Frequent user October 2019 Nevada
    Kris ·
    A few people I know have had Friday weddings and most people showed up. Personally, as a guest I like this as I still have Sunday to do stuff or relax.
  • Fiona
    Newbie March 2020 Ontario
    Fiona ·
    I am having a Friday wedding march 2020. I have also been to three Friday weddings in the past. To be honest I kind of prefer it . I mean the wedding is Friday and the then there's still the whole weekend left! I think as long as you give your guest enough notice it shouldn't be a problem! Those who love you and want to be there will make it happen!
  • R
    Curious February 2021 Ontario
    Rayanne Online ·
    So many of our friends don't have a strict Mon-Fri job so the odds are that taking a Friday off would be easier than a Saturday... it may work out for some people.

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