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End of wedding load out

Deziray, on 10/June/2019 at 20:46 Posted in Plan a wedding
What do people do for load out at the end of the night. We have to have everything out of the venue by 1am. I'm not sure how to tackle this.


  • Kelly
    Expert September 2019 Manitoba
    Kelly Online ·

    Family and wedding party. Just let them know ahead of time that they all have to stay until the end of the night and help pack everything away.

  • Ashley
    Super August 2020 Ontario
    Ashley ·

    Im sure they wont kick you out right at 1 but have everyone thats left bag up stuff and throw it in your parents car or a close friend or dump it off at your hotel room and then take it home when you go!

  • Sharlene
    Devoted August 2019 Alberta
    Sharlene ·

    Family and the bridal party will help us with tear down. We have a 12 passenger van to take stuff back home. I am hoping it all goes smoothly.

  • Michelle
    Frequent user October 2020 Nova Scotia
    Michelle ·

    I'm in the same boat of having to have everything out of the venue out by 1am.

    The venue coordinator actually recommended we park a u-haul in the parking lot for all decor since there is a quick tear down timeframe. That way we don't have to sort any rentals the night of. And we don't have to pick up the u-haul until 10 the next day so there's plenty of time in the morning to figure it out.

    We're thinking of asking a few of our friends and family who don't drink as much to help with the teardown so we aren't doing it ourselves and we'll be able to rely on them at the end of the night.

  • Donna
    Devoted July 2019 Ontario
    Donna ·

    I spoke with my Venue ahead of time we get to go the night before to decorate and clean up the night and day after.

  • Erin
    Super May 2020 Ontario
    Erin ·

    I am hoping to load things in a trunk or two and then be able to leave the cars in the parking lot overnight or just call a service like Keys Please to take us home.

  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·

    As easy as it was to set up, its harder to break down.

    Get some family members or friends to help out with areas they can arrange as needed and right into your room or car. Make a list of what needs to be done and organize it by tackling what would take longer to the shortest. Hubby can bring the car around and load it up if it helps.

    I had to get the vendors out and the restaurant cleaned up by 1:30am after our wedding function too. This is what was done by having family coming up asking how they could help.

  • Bianca
    Featured August 2019 Ontario
    Bianca ·
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    Ah okay, I just wasn't sure what you were talking about exactly. I agree with the other people who have suggested renting a small truck or something.

  • Tori Doll
    Featured October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori Doll ·

    If you are only worried about how it will get to your house (as I'm sure there will be some drinking?), then perhaps you could rent a trailer from U-haul and then it will only be 1 trip?

  • Stephanie
    VIP May 2019 Ontario
    Stephanie ·
    This was one of the main reasons we hired a coordinator! They took care of EVERYTHING and I went to bed! Best decision we made honestly!
  • Becky
    VIP September 2019 Ontario
    Becky ·

    When it came to my sisters- they told all of the wedding party they were expected to help with cleanup at the end of the night and take down of all items and the parents of both sides. This is what happened at 12:30- we all tore it down and stuffed the vehicles- if you have a lot of stuff I would suggest a trailer and to leave there locked at night if you are worried about people having to many drinks to drive it.

  • Deziray
    Curious August 2019 Ontario
    Deziray ·
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    I'll have no problem getting people to help pack everything up it's more so actually getting it from the venue to my house.
  • Kelsie
    Featured July 2020 Ontario
    Kelsie ·
    At my FSIL’s wedding, her parents drove to the hall so we loaded up extra centrepieces left behind, money box and anything else leftover into the car and took it home with us.

    for my venue, we will try to do the same thing as well. I may even talk to my venue coordinator to ask if I can’t fit everything into the limo, if I can keep it in the hall until 7am or so and come to retrieve it in the morning. I don’t see why this would be an issue if I retrieved it well before any events the next day.
  • Bianca
    Featured August 2019 Ontario
    Bianca ·

    Do you mean tearing down the décor and whatnot? If so, you could hire people to come in and help with that or enlist the help of your immediate family and bridal party to help with that.

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