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Do you wear your engagement ring while sleeping?

Lynnie, on 21/March/2019 at 13:05 Posted in Wedding fashion

Do you sleep with your engagement ring on? Or do you never wear your ring to bed? What's your bedtime ring rule? 馃拲

If you take your ring off at night - where do you stash it??

Do you wear your engagement ring while sleeping? 1

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  • Shla
    Devoted October 2021 Ontario
    I barely remember to wear it during the day, so it's always off at night. 馃槀
  • Cassie
    Curious May 2020 Ontario
    I don鈥檛 wear it to bed. I put it in my ring dish beside the bed.
  • Claire
    Frequent user September 2019 Ontario
    I don't wear it in bed. I got an elephant ring dish and that's where it goes at night time.
  • Rachael
    Beginner August 2019 Alberta

    I take it off and it goes in my jewelry box. It is a family heirloom so I don't want to ruin it in my sleep. I am very careful with it.

  • Monique
    Devoted August 2020 Saskatchewan

    I take my ring off when I go to bed, but a few days ago I had misplaced my ring for about an hour so I make sure that it's in the box before bed

  • Alix
    Devoted June 2020 Saskatchewan
    I take my ring off when I go to bed. I put it in the ring box in the medicine cabinet.
  • Jo-ann
    Beginner July 2020 Nova Scotia
    I wear my ring at bedtime. I took it off once and almost forgot to put back on. It also felt naked to not have it on. Have to make sure the setting is secure over time as wearing it during sleep can loosen. I take off for shower/bath and anything that might damage it such as outdoor yard work swimming etc
  • Cherry
    Devoted October 2019 Quebec
    I take it off when I go to bed. I have small ceramic dish next to my bed. I put it on as soon as I got off bed. I wear it to shower and anywhere else except when I need my hands kneading something messy while cooking and when playing golf due to the tight gloves.
  • Donna Yeung
    Devoted August 2018 British Columbia
    Donna Yeung

    I always take mine off before I shower and before heading to bed. I leave it on a ring dish next to my bed.

  • Jenna
    Frequent user September 2020 Nova Scotia
    Mine never comes off! I sent it to be sized, which took three weeks and I felt naked the whole time haha
  • Bianca
    Featured August 2019 Ontario

    I never wear mine to sleep. I usually only put it on if I'm leaving the house or having people over.

  • Genevi猫ve
    Devoted September 2020 Ontario

    I never take mine off. I have a bad habit of misplacing things and that's one I don't want to lose.

  • Eden
    Newbie June 2020 British Columbia

    I take my ring off to sleep, shower, when cleaning, and even when washing my hands and putting on moisturizer. I really love it and don't want to damage it or get it gunked up with anything. I also wear it around my neck on a silver box chain while at work, as I work in healthcare and have to wash my hands and wear gloves often (which don't fit too well over the ring). I will wear my wedding band on the same chain when at work after the wedding. At home when not wearing it I just keep it in the box it came in.

  • Ashley
    Beginner October 2019 Alberta

    Mine comes off! It sits in my jewelry box until I go to work in the morning!

  • Erin
    Featured May 2020 Ontario
    I don't sleep, shower, cook with my ring on. I keep it in the box it came with which stays on my FH's dresser.
  • Monica
    Devoted June 2019 Ontario
    I only wear it when I鈥檓 going out. When I get home, I鈥檒l take it off and put it in my jewellery box for safe keeping

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