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Do I need a bustle?

Missa, on September 9, 2018 at 18:10 Posted in Wedding fashion
Hey everyone,

I tried on my dress today as it finally came in and the girl at DB told me I probably need a bustle but its a chiffon a-lign and I honestly didnt think I needed one... Heres the dress from the website. Im trying to limit alteration costs but if I really need it I would but.. Is it necessary?

Do I need a bustle? 1


  • Brittany
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    Brittany ·
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    I'm in agreement, you should bustle it if there's a high likelihood people will step on it. Don't worry too much about the alteration cost... even at my bridal salon (which is more expensive than a regular seamstress) each bustle loop is $10... so if you online need one loop, it's will be a minuscule cost.

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  • Missa
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    Missa ·
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    Thanks everyone, I am now convinced! I actually didnt thinj about the other people stepping on my dres!!
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  • Tori Doll
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    Tori Doll Online ·
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    Like the others are saying - it's so that your dress doesn't get stepped on. Or you could do what I am doing (depending on how laid back of a wedding you will be having) - which is wearing a second dress after the ceremony. This dress will be shorter and way cheaper so that I can wear it around the bonfires at the resort.

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  • E
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    Emma ·
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    I agree with others. The bustle would be more to prevent people from stepping on your dress.
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  • Holly
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    Holly ·
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    The only thing you'd need one for is to avoid people standing on your dress. Chances are you'll be getting stepped on all night on the dancefloor and you don't want to ruin your dress or have it pulled down accidentally! So I'd recommend a bustle!
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  • Stephanie
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    Stephanie ·
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    Hobestly I know what you mean about not needing one since the length seems super easy to manage! But even with a tiny train you more so want a bustle to avoid OTHERS stepping on the back of your dress. I would 100% bustle it! I went to a wedding and the bride had a similar length in her dress but mainly lace... she was getting so angry at people stepping on her train all night and one guest actually ripped a huge part of it Smiley cry It was heartbreaking she looked so upset.... so I would truly suggest it even if it's not so much for you but watching out for everyone else tripping on it!
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