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Did you get your fh an engagement ring

Sonia, on 12/November/2017 at 00:57 Posted in Before the wedding
I’m kinda on the fence. Everybody says I need to get him one and I want to but he’s pretty adamant on not wanting one. So I’m curious did you get one for your SO or no

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  • Maegan
    Expert bride July 2018 British Columbia
    Maegan ·
    I did! We were a little non-traditional with how we went about things.... But we decided we both wanted 'engagement' rings so we got a matching set. We are both wearing our engagement rings on our right hand until the wedding and then our engagement rings will become our wedding rings and we will swap them over to our left hands.
    So really we just bought our wedding bands early and called them engagement rings.
    If your FH doesnt want an engagement ring then theres no point in getting one. Most people dont and he likely wont wear it.
  • Andrea
    Devoted bride September 2017 Ontario
    Andrea ·

    My husband isn't into rings...he only wears his wedding band on date night/special occasions (its safety hazard at work) so he had no interest in another ring. I think it's all personal - if he wants it, go for it, if not then skip it!

  • Brittany
    Newbie May 2018 New Brunswick
    Brittany ·
    Since I didnt get mine a ring- i told him to choose any ring he wants and ill get it for the wedding, no matter the cost- hes also super fussy and doesnt like a lot of jewelry so an engagement ring is a wast of money and time (weve been looking for q weddinng band for 2 years). I did got to lovebookonline - and im also "proposing" to him at the end- which hell love!
  • Erin
    Featured September 2017 Ontario
    Erin ·

    I did not get my husband an engagement ring as he did the proposing. Had I been the one to propose then I probably would have gotten him one. If he doesn't really want one then I wouldn't get him one.

  • Sonia
    Frequent user bride May 2019 Quebec
    Sonia ·
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    Yea that too but for him it’s more the money aspect of it. He doesn’t want me spending the money on a ring and not putting it towards the wedding. But I just feel terrible because he spent a lot of money on my ring and I feel awful. Is that normal? Lol
  • Sonia
    Frequent user bride May 2019 Quebec
    Sonia ·
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    It’s not so much that he’s opposed to wearing a wedding band. He really wants one of those. And he’s an engineer so he has to wear a ring on his pinky. It’s none of that. It’s more the fact that he doesn’t want an engagement ring since the tradition for most of the old school Italians i know is that they should get one.
    The wedding ring is something completely different that we’ll both wear
  • Chloe
    Expert bride May 2018 Ontario
    Chloe ·
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    I mean, he could just want to avoid confusion. I knew a guy who wore an engagement ring and everyone kept asking him if he got married.
  • H
    Curious bride June 2019 Ontario
    Hj ·
    The reason that men do not traditionally wear engagement rings is that their purpose is to mark that the woman has been purchased and is now the property of another man for his sexual and reproductive use. Men do not purchase each other for this purpose, and women do not purchase men, making the ring unnecessary. If a dude is really opposed to a ring it might be worth asking some questions about why that is.
  • Emily
    Beginner bride October 2018 Ontario
    Emily ·
    I personally don't know any men that have an engagement ring. My fiancé didn't want one. If he doesn't want one I wouldn't put out the money. I can understand feeling judged but at the same time you guys are creating your own life together and can have your own traditions. And if you're the one that would be paying for the ring no one else really should get a say. For my fiancé I got him a leather key chain off etsy that had the same engraving as my ring on one side and the coordinates of where we met on the other. I think a personal gift that means something to the two of you would be just as nice.
  • Sonia
    Frequent user bride May 2019 Quebec
    Sonia ·
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    That’s what i was thinking of doing to. Getting him something as an engagement present. For some reason my dads side gives the guy a bracelet so I know he’s getting that. It’s just about thinking of something lol
  • Chloe
    Expert bride May 2018 Ontario
    Chloe ·
    I like the idea of getting him an engagement....for equality's sake....but my FH really doesn't want one. Instead, I just decided to get him an engagement present. I commissioned an artist friend of ours to do a painting.
  • Daphne
    Super bride July 2017 British Columbia
    Daphne ·

    It's something that's a newer "tradition", but it really isn't popular. If your fiancé doesn't want one, then don't get him one.

  • Sonia
    Frequent user bride May 2019 Quebec
    Sonia ·
    My father has an engagement ring and so does my sister in laws husband. It’s more as a thing to get blessed by the priest when we have our engagement party but I feel like it’s a very old tradition to get one. I mean I understand if he doesn’t want one I won’t get him one, I just feel judged
  • Jen889
    Curious bride May 2018 Quebec
    Jen889 ·
    Ive never even heard of the man getting an engagement ring. They usually get their wedding band and thats it. If he doesnt want one then thats your answer, it will most likely be a waste of money.
  • Stephanie
    Frequent user bride July 2018 Alberta
    Stephanie ·

    I did not. If he doesn't want one, I would say don't buy him one. There is no "you need to do this". It's your wedding, do what you want.

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