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Couples getting married on 8/june/2019 in Saskatchewan

Noel, on 19/February/2019 at 17:12 Posted in Saskatchewan

Hey ladies. How is the wedding planning coming along? I am on the brink of a nervous breakdown over it all. I have had the big stuff done for months but it is the small stuff causing the greatest headaches. Such as people who don't know their place in the planning process, as my fiancé and I are planning our own wedding without a wedding planner due to our remote location.



  • Noel
    Beginner June 2019 Saskatchewan
    Noel ·

    Thanks Joey. I'll be okay. I've gotten a couple checklists to ensure we don't forget things and I keep lists and then a master list of my lists and where they're kept as I have some on the computer, some on the phone for on the go planning and a notebook. Mostly I just wish certain people would help without trying to tell me how to do this(namely the soon to be mom-in-law). She's a lovely woman and means well but holy Hannah she's hard to handle at times. i'll get through it, just frustrated. We've decided to nix menus for personal reasons for the supper and same with programs. we're having a wedding on the farm and don't need the wind blowing programs around. So now just trying to figure out who all needs an itinerary of the day(out of town guests, parents, bridal party, etc) and those sorts of fine details.

  • Noel
    Beginner June 2019 Saskatchewan
    Noel ·
    Don't feel bad. I got engaged Dec. 25, 2017, 21 days after my folks announced they were separating. So I've wedding planned and helped mom leave a man whos mistreated us both for years. And much like you, I took care of all the big stuff, got all the dresses(including my shower dress as we're doing it 50s themed), but now that it's closer it's a matter of finalizing timelines for the day of, nailing down guest lists, etc. UGH. I have a list of my lists and I keep them in about 4 places lol
  • Joey
    WeddingWire Admin May 2015 Maryland
    Joey ·

    Hi Noel, so sorry to hear things are stressing you out! It is easy to get overwhelmed by the details. Are you using a checklist to keep yourself on track? Having a list helps me feel more in control. What projects are you currently working on, can we help reassure you at all?

  • H
    Newbie June 2019 Saskatchewan
    Hailie ·
    Hey! Wedding planning has been an interesting experience. We have been engaged since October of 2017 so most of the process is done but its the small details that still need to get arranged. I feel like I have lists upon lists of things to do and yet I still feel like I am forgetting something. Its bizzare. But, the date is getting closer and closer which is super exciting!

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