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Clinking for Kisses? Keep or Cancel?

Lynnie, on 16/September/2019 at 09:50 Posted in Wedding reception

Clink Clink!! 馃 It's time to smooch again, as demanded by your guests! Are you saying keep to this tradition because you'll take any opportunity to lay another kiss on your new spouse's lips? 馃槝 Or do you want to cancel the incessant kissing-on-command clinking demands?

Would you keep or cancel clinking for kisses?

Clinking for Kisses? Keep or Cancel? 1

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  • Racheal Blair
    Frequent user November 2021 Ontario
    Racheal Blair

    Cancel. Personally find it awkward and tacky!

  • Judice
    Curious November 2019 Ontario

    Cancel - Unpopular opinion here but I hate the sound of clinking glasses, and we're not dogs that we do PDA at the sound of the glass.

  • Nelly
    Devoted October 2020 Ontario

    We are having kissing bells instead

  • Christine
    Frequent user October 2019 Ontario

    I haven't thought of this yet. Might keep it.

  • Erin
    Super September 2019 Ontario
    Cancel...kinda? We are not allowed to have clinking at our venue, so we came up with something else: We got a big foam die and people have to come up and roll it. If it's even, we kiss, but if it's odd, the person who rolled it has to kiss someone!
  • Stephanie
    Master July 2018 Alberta
    We cancelled this. We were fine with nothing but our MC announced if they wanted us to kiss, they would have to come show us and we would imitate it. Only one couple (my parents!) did it
  • Rebecca
    Devoted November 2019 Quebec
    Cancel. We will have a giant dice, when rolled the number it lands on is a different task. Ex: 6= couples kiss 4= person sings a song acapella 1= i think is they have to kiss someone. Fun things like that.
  • Bianca
    Featured August 2019 Ontario

    Cancel. We didn't do it for a variety of reasons (one being our venue not allowing clinking of anything lol). Our tables just had to stand up and clap for us to kiss.

  • Amelia
    Featured September 2020 Ontario
    Amelia Online

    Cancel. The constant clinking would drive me insane.

  • Alexandra
    VIP November 2019 British Columbia

    Cancel!!! I can't deal with people clinking glasses all night so we're not doing that

  • Danielle
    Frequent user June 2023 Manitoba

    Cancel! I can imagine our MOH and BM (her husband) getting tipsy and clinking every 2 seconds haha.

  • Chelsea
    Featured June 2020 Alberta
    I haven鈥檛 even thought about this, so who knows!
  • Amanda
    Frequent user October 2020 Alberta
    Cancel!!! I hate the clinking of glasses I was very happy when venues put a stop to this tradition. Also I am not one for the big display of PDA it makes me feel awkward having people watch me kiss. I keep trying to convince my fianc茅 that at the ceremony we can do our first kiss as husband and wife after we walk back down the aisle. Everyone will be too busy trying to leave their seats to go to cocktail hour that it won鈥檛 be all eyes on us! 馃槅

  • BunnyBride
    Expert August 2020 Nova Scotia

    For the clinking specifically, Cancel. my FH and I definitely want to have some sort of make them kiss game, but it's not going to be anything super noisy or annoying. We are thinking of getting a giant D20 and have people roll for it or what they would have to do to get us to kiss.

  • Seleena
    Super September 2019 British Columbia

    Cancel-I think most venues don't even allow this anymore.

  • Val茅rie
    VIP September 2019 Quebec

    Our venue didn't allow clinking of glasses, which we were very happy about. So instead, we had a putting green set up in front of the head table. Guests had to drain a putt for us to kiss. It was really fun to see everyone have a go at it.

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