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Ceremony Shoes

Erin, on 19/August/2019 at 15:08 Posted in Wedding fashion

So here's the situation:

Originally, our ceremony was going to be at a waterfall and we were going to stand in the water in front of the waterfall for the ceremony. I bought a tea-length dress and was not going to wear shoes at all.

We then shifted the plan to be at the waterfall still, but out of the water on the rocks nearby - so I bought myself a gorgeous pair of heels...

We have now changed the ceremony site entirely so it's at the same place at our reception and will be getting married on the 9th hole of my uncle's golf course... But it's grass and I'm concerned about wearing the heels...

I really don't want to get more shoes and I'm not sure if I already have anything that will make the cut...

Would it be totally crazy if I didn't wear shoes at all for the ceremony? I will definitely wear my gorgeous heels for the reception, just at a loss for the ceremony now...



  • Amanda
    Curious September 2020 Ontario
    Amanda ·

    There is a plastic cap that you put on your heel to avoid them digging into the grass. Hope this helps!

  • Erin
    Super September 2019 Ontario
    Erin ·
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    Hi Sinead,

    Thanks for checking in!

    I'm trying to find some of those caps so that I can give them a try and see how they look/feel. I guess I will have to cave and buy them online at this point...

    I have a few pairs of shoes that I already own that I'm going to try out with my dress once I get it back from the seamstress. If none of them fit the bill, caps it is!
  • Sinéad
    WeddingWire Admin January 2025 Galway
    Sinéad ·

    Hey Erin! Have you decided what you would like to do?

    I definitely think that the plastic 'caps' that go on the bottom of your heels would be a great idea for your shoes. You can definitely get them on Amazon if you wanted to check them out.

  • Erin
    Curious April 2020 Alberta
    Erin ·

    I'm going to play devils advocate and say get another pair!!!!!! You don't have to spend a lot for them to do the trick!

  • Tori
    Featured October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori Online ·

    I agree with Rayanne and Casey - but also just try wearing them on grass but put your pressure on the front of your feet instead of on the heel. I personally would vote no to going barefoot on the grass.

  • Casey
    Featured October 2019 Ontario
    Casey ·
    Have you seen those little plastic things for heels that stop you from sinking in the ground. You can get those if you want to wear your heels.
    I think no shoes would look a bit off being on a golf course
  • Rayanne
    Featured February 2021 Ontario
    Rayanne ·
    How about those stoppers for when you are on grass. They stop you from sinking in.... Maybe buy some and try them out with your shoes.

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