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Bridesmaids dresses during covid

Nicole, on July 30, 2020 at 08:17 Posted in Wedding fashion 0 6
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Hi all!

I have 5 bridesmaids for my August 2021 wedding. I got engaged in November, so I’ve been doing most of my planning during coronavirus. One part of wedding planning that I’ve been really excited for is to get my ladies together to pick out bridesmaids dresses, but right now the salons near me are only having max 3 people per appointment (Toronto area).
I’m wondering how long I should hold out for 6 person appointments? I’m worried about delays with covid and not having as much selection due to time constraints as it gets closer to the wedding... I need a deadline to either all go shopping by or to forgo the group shopping experience and just come up with a creative solution (ex. virtual or in groups).
Let me know what you are doing/would do ❤️


  • Amanda
    Featured June 2021 Ontario
    Amanda ·
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    I would wait until January. I would say do it at least 3-4 months before your wedding. It usually take 2-6 weeks after you find the one, then you have to consider doing alterations closer too as well.

    I was lucky and bought our dresses last year and COVID hit. Thankfully I cancelled my wedding or I wouldn't have gotten my dresses on time. We have them now though! Smiley smile

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  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·
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    Given the situation of the control of how many people are allowed in the store, there are ways to work around this situation. Your choice of the same colour dress can work with different styles to each of them or the same based on how they see fit.

    1. Look online and get ideas of what you may like to compare of 3 dresses to get opinions from your bridesmaid and go with that choice. They all can get the measurements or sizing to you and have it ordered given a max budget they can also afford.

    2. You go in the store with 1 or 2 bridesmaid and have them try on dresses to see what it looks like and video chat with the other 3 bridesmaids and get the votes to the one they like better. You could try 1 too and see between the 3 if that would work.

    3. The idea given of getting dresses shipped to you and having them over to check it personally will allow you to know what they like and if other options are available to look at and order as samples to their liking and budget. This way you don't feel its limited to going out by yourself.

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  • Hank
    Featured December 2020 Ontario
    Hank ·
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    Do your girls have different body types? If so, would you consider them wearing different dresses in the same color? That way, they can still match but you can shop in two groups of three and each can find their own dress that suits their bodies.
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  • Morgan
    Beginner June 2021 Ontario
    Morgan ·
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    I have been really lucky because I only have 3 bridesmaids (who just all found their dresses, yay!) and the boutique we bought from still had a regular delivery time of 1-3 months, designer depending, as per normal. I took my maid of honour out alone and then held out until I could have all 3 girls there at the same time to buy but 6 is definitely harder!

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  • Amelia
    Featured October 2020 New Brunswick
    Amelia ·
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    Does David's Bridal Canada let you order dresses to try and return them? You could take a few girls to try colors and styles to narrow it down a bit and then order a few options for everyone and have a try-on party at someone's house.

    Other online shops that allow returns would work too.

    You definitely have time to wait, but from experience waiting for covid restrictions to lift (if the second wave puts us back in isolation) might stress you out enough to warrant shopping sooner than later.
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  • Lindsey
    Curious September 2020 Ontario
    Lindsey Online ·
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    So we got our dresses in February and corona virus hit one month later and our dresses still came fairly quick, we got them in June! Personally, if I were you I would wait and see what it’s like in November, December. Another option would be to take your MOH and pick out the dress and then just take your others girls at a different time. I know that isn’t what you want, but it might help to get an idea!
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