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Another shoe post (bridesmaids advice)

Lydia, on 11/April/2019 at 16:12 Posted in Wedding fashion
So I was pretty much like "do whatever" when it comes to shoes but two of the three girls in my wedding party as one as one of their boyfriends and my FH said it's best to make the girl's shoes match. Which actually now makes sense to me but it's a bit hard to decide on their shoes, since there's a lot of "no"s around.
They are wearing short, burgundy dresses (see picture) so the shoes will be very visible. The shoes shouldn't have heels on them (our photographer already asked me multiple times to please not wear heels as we're walking around on a mountain for taking pictures), for the same reason I'm guessing most open shoes wouldn't be too comfortable either as there's small rocks etc. My MOH doesn't like flats and my FH doesn't like the idea of Converse underneath the dresses. Anyone any nice suggestions for shoes that would work for waking sorta comfortably and look nicely (nothing too sporty preferably)underneath short dresses?

Another shoe post (bridesmaids advice) 1


  • Donna
    Devoted July 2019 Ontario
    Donna ·

    My girls can wear any shoes, I am probably wearing my cowboy boots or a pair of flat shoes myself. Ballet shoes didn't work out for me

  • Amanda
    Curious September 2020 Ontario
    Amanda ·

    I think since it is a short dress - you should have a say in the shoe that they are wearing. Them being in your bridal should completely understand, it is your day!

    May I suggest maybe a cute tennis shoe a little more comfortable than flat and not as causal as Converse.

  • Sharlene
    Devoted August 2019 Alberta
    Sharlene ·

    I asked my bridesmaids to all buy silver colored shoes, I don't think the style will matter as long as the color is the same palate it should photograph well in my opinion.

  • Holly
    VIP June 2019 Ontario
    Holly ·
    I was the same, I let them pick pretty much everything else..dress, hair, jewelry and for shoes I was going to do the same but then realized it would look nicer if their shoes matched. So they all started throwing around suggestions and my MOH had never worn heels so that was definitely out but my one bridesmaid wanted heels.. so she kept suggestions heels. Eventually I went out and found a pair of nice flat sandals, nude and summery that would be wearable after the wedding, plus they were inexpensive! Sent them a picture and pretty much told them to get them. They all loved them, two of the girls went out right away and got them and love them but still waiting on the MOH and the one who wants heels to get them..

    I always wear my converse with my dresses so I'm 100% pro converse and dresses. I actually wore a dress with converse at my grade 8 graduation and will be wearing converse at our wedding reception! I also second toms because those would also look great and comfortable and they can wear them again.
  • Amanda
    Featured June 2019 Ontario
    Amanda ·

    Umm... converse would look AMAZING with this dress.

    What if they wore heels or whatever for the rest of the day and only changed into the converse for the pictures - would he be ok with that? or he doesn't like them all together?... I think it would be cute and would make for great pictures.

  • Janaya
    Featured August 2019 Saskatchewan
    Janaya ·

    Toms!! thats what I plan to wear. super comfy Smiley smile and they come in many colours

  • Erin
    Super May 2020 Ontario
    Erin ·

    Well if you are walking around mountains for pics, then your MOH will have to wear something that will be safe for that environment. I like the nude/champagne colour for the burgundy dress. As for style of shoe, sometimes Sketchers has nice looking shoes that are very comfortable.

  • Brittany
    Devoted August 2019 Alberta
    Brittany ·
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    Maybe if you get cute patterned ones or sparkly he will cave haha.But definitely check it out. Plus it's super budget friendly. My girls appreciated that.

    I wanted them to get floral... but they were all boring and wanted plain black haha.

    We just did our guys in a casual dress sneaker. Its like halfway between a skate shoe and a dress shoe. So the guys can dress them down to wear them again. But they still look nice enough to wear with the suits. They are like brown leather and lace up.

  • Lydia
    Devoted June 2019 British Columbia
    Lydia ·
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    Yea they'd be handy and (as you can see for the dress) I'd like it to be something they can wear again.
  • Lydia
    Devoted June 2019 British Columbia
    Lydia ·
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    Thanks! Yea I'm thinking something like that. One of the girls showed champagne shoes with it that looked very nice too

  • Lydia
    Devoted June 2019 British Columbia
    Lydia ·
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    Thanks! I'll have look ^^

    Haha I know right @ converse? I really liked converse too and I'd wear them underneath skater dresses (I actually have before and FH does like that then, but for the bridesmaid dresses or his guys he's a hard no on them Smiley xd)
    Totally on your side for the converse though haha
  • Veronica
    Featured October 2020 Alberta
    Veronica ·

    I feel your shoe pain! I was also just "whatever" about the shoes, but them each bridesmaid had totally different ideas (one was heels, one was flats, different color, converse etc) which I think would drive me nuts so I just offered to buy the shoes, cheap flats from Ardenes and call it a day. Can your MoH be persuaded on flats? Seems like a good choice.

    Just wanted to chime in quick regarding Tieks. Love Tieks! They are a great shoe buuut coming from a person with a Tiek problem, they are not a cheap item for bridesmaids to purchase. By the time the exchange hits and customs etc, the average pair is $250! I will say that they last for a long long time and a perfect addition to any shoe collection, but after all the other investments in for a bridesmaid that seems a bit pricey to ask for them to purchase.

  • Brittany
    Devoted August 2019 Alberta
    Brittany ·

    Hmmm... Keds, Toms etc. if you go to Ardenes right now they have a bunch of cute shoes in that realm. Some even have yoga mat insoles so they are super comfy. Different styles of closed toed shoes with everything between flats - sneakers.

    My girls got really cute knock off converse for 17 dollars... but they had like three walls full of shoes. Also different colors and patterns including glitter, polka dots, floral etc.. Smiley smile

    Also I think converse would like good with that dress just saying haha. I mean it is technically a skater dress. ... I have a ton of skater dresses and I always worse converse or vans. haha. I am even wearing glitter converse under my wedding dress haha. So I might be bias.

  • Tori Doll
    Featured October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori Doll ·
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    I had to look them up too 😂

    They look like they would work pretty well, as for colour do you know what you will be wanting? If not I would say a "nude" colour shoe would work Smiley smile

  • Allison
    Master October 2019 Ontario
    Allison ·

    I just looked up Tieks as I never heard of them before and they look cute and functional! You could also look into the Kate Spade Keds - They're more dressy than converse but again are functional and comfortable.

  • DrB
    Frequent user August 2018 Ontario
    DrB ·
    Tieks! They can wear them again

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