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Reception Decoration!
Chelsea, Today at 19:22

HELP! Lovely brides, my fiance and I are decorating our reception ourselves. Very DIY. We plan to drape fabric and hang lights similar to the photos shown - from one side of the venue to the other and...

Chelsea, 3 hours ago 12
Wedding Favors
Kaileigh, Today at 17:20

We are discussing what we wanted to do for wedding Favors and my fiance knows how important it is to me that we stay as minimal waste/eco friendly as possible. Does anyone have ideas for Earth...

Bianca, 3 hours ago 2 messages 21
Hashtag Help!
Tianna, Today at 16:43

Heyyyyy Everyone! I need some serious help!!! Unfortunately I cannot come up with anything for my wedding hashtag!!! I'm honestly horrible with these things! If anyone can throw some ideas my way, it...

Tianna, 6 hours ago 6
Candy bar
Emily, Today at 16:31

We are looking to do a candy bar for dyring the dance. What types of candy would you suggest?

Kelsie, 5 hours ago 1 message 13
Hello, is it possible to not allow reviews on our account. Thank you!
Yasmine, Today at 15:51

Hello, is it possible to not allow reviews on our account in our settings? Thank you! 514 941-0616

Tori, 6 hours ago 1 message 29

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Use it or lose it? - A hotel block
Joey, Today at 08:43

Are you helping your guests find a place to stay by booking a block of rooms at a local hotel, or will you trust them to sort out their own accommodation without your help? A hotel block of rooms -...

Christine, 36 seconds ago 20 messages 70
Use it or lose it? - A hashtag
Joey, Today at 08:49

Is having a wedding #hashtag important to you? Have you thought up a creative one yourself, or enlisted WeddingWire to help you come up with one? Or are your guests not likely to use one when they...

Kaileigh, 55 minutes ago 21 messages 71
Use it or lose it? - Favours
Joey, Today at 08:44

Will you send your guests home at the end of the night with a token to remember your wedding day, or a sweet treat to enjoy? Are favours something important to you, or a place to save some money and...

Bianca, 2 hours ago 20 messages 67
Use it or lose it? - Upgraded transportation
Joey, Today at 08:44

Limos and carriages and sports cars - oh my! Are you hiring a party bus or a vintage car, or taking an Uber or taxi or shuttle to get around, or will you keep things extra simple and use your own...

Bianca, 2 hours ago 19 messages 56
Use it or lose it? - Printed menus
Joey, Today at 08:45

Another way to upgrade your tables is to include menu cards. Will you have menus printed to give your guests the details of their meal, or is this something you aren't planning to include? Printed...

Bianca, 2 hours ago 19 messages 58