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Best ways to collect guest addresses?
Lynnie, Today at 11:05

Got any tips and tricks for collecting all of your guests' addresses?Did you divide and conquer, text or email, or use an app or form? Share your best tips here!!Photo from Simply Steph Ko in Ottawa...

Andrea, 3 hours ago 2 messages 9
What to expect?
Carmela, Today at 10:01

Hello everyone, I am new to this whole experience and I was wondering if I can get some insight to everyone else planning. Once you have selected your date, and venue, what is the next thing to focus...

Joey, 47 minutes ago 11 messages 37
Will you have an unplugged ceremony?
Joey, Today at 08:05

Are you worried about your guests getting out their cameras and phones during your ceremony? Some couples want to encourage their guests to take as many pictures as possible so they have the memories...

Chelsea, 2 hours ago 5 messages 21
Honeymoon is booked!
Jen, Today at 01:47

We decided on Secrets Papagayo in Costa Rica! We leave June 30th and can't frigging wait to be here! This is my very first tropical trip. I can't wait to see the ocean and be in paradise for a week...

Chelsea, 2 hours ago 7 messages 37
Questions for Dj/entertainment
Sonia, Yesterday at 22:06

Hey hey ladies!!! So im on my sofa battling a stomach bug trying to draft up a list to ask our potential DJ and entertainment. We already know the DJ we want as my FH knows him and we’re ok with him...

Andrea, 5 hours ago 2 messages 23

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Brides of 2018! Show us your ring!
Emilie, On 11/January/2017 at 10:05

Hi wonderful brides-to-be! This year is a new beginning! Your wedding date is getting closer and we're going to have so much fun and get a lot done this year! So let's start with the best...

Helen, Saturday 4-Nov-17 175 messages 1,439
Popular places for photos in brampton, ontario
Mark, On 6/February/2017 at 10:44

We will be getting married in June in Brampton, Ontario so just looking for ideas besides local parks for some great photos with Bride and Groom and wedding party as well. Any suggestions? Also what...

Mark, Wednesday 8-Feb-17 8 messages 1,100
4 half up half down. Choose one!
Emilie, On 30/March/2017 at 12:05

Hey lovely ladies! Here are 4 different styles of half up half down wedding hair. Which one would you choose? 1. 2. 3. 4. Choose one! *** Images: Pinterest

Ashley, Yesterday at 16:46 33 messages 684
How long have you known each other for?
Emilie, On 30/January/2017 at 06:25

Hi wonderful ladies and gents! Did you know from the first day you met? Or did it take a while before you realized that you were in love with each other? How long have you known each other for?...

Lana, Thursday 12-Oct-17 110 messages 663
What ring did he choose?
Emilie, On 30/January/2017 at 06:25

Hey lovely fiancés! Your ring is such a beautiful sign of the love and commitment you share for one another! What ring did he choose? Next question >> How did he propose? *** Image:...

Megan, Wednesday 27-Sep-17 77 messages 631