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If you've just joined the WeddingWire community, this is the group for you. Here, you'll be able to introduce yourself to the rest of the brides and grooms, send us your doubts, tell us your experiences... and if you've been here for long enough, participate and help the beginners.

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Fiancé(e) Friday! Share a goofy pic
Joey, On 19/April/2019 at 08:05

Show us your silly side! Do you have a pic that always makes you laugh? Funny faces you each pull when you take selfies together? How about photos of a wacky couples' costume? Take a break from...

Alix, yesterday at 11:10 8 messages 74
Wedding Hashtag
Erin, On 15/April/2019 at 17:22

Hello Everyone! I'm new to the Wedding wire community. I get married September 7th, 2019 to the man of my dreams! We are pretty much done all the big planning now it's just onto the small, last minute...

Claire, thursday 18-Apr-19 9 messages 69
Hello To All
Joan-Anne, On 7/April/2019 at 20:20

I'm so delighted to be part of the WeddingWire Group. What an amazing site. I'm a mature woman marrying the man of my heart. Age doesn't take away from the excitement of being a Bride. I wish...

Joey, wednesday 17-Apr-19 9 messages 63
Ugh the Weather
Meghan, On 15/April/2019 at 13:11

My wedding is in 12 days and I was stupid and checked the 14 day weather forecast haha decent weather EVERY day except my wedding day. I know its far enough away that it can change...I just it hope it...

Stephanie, wednesday 17-Apr-19 15 messages 97
Stag and Doe - Yes or No?
Racheal Blair, On 11/April/2019 at 12:29

We've been playing with the idea of having Stag and Doe type activities at our actual wedding afterparty rather than having a separate event for it. The idea of a Jack/Jill or Stag/Doe is relatively...

Bianca, tuesday 16-Apr-19 10 messages 70
Never have I ever... given cash as a wedding gift
Lynnie, On 4/March/2019 at 13:05

Do you always buy a physical gift off the couples' registry? Or do you prefer to give money as a gift? Have you ever given cash (or check!) as a wedding gift?Next Question: Never have I ever... spent...

Erin, monday 15-Apr-19 31 messages 162