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If you've just joined the WeddingWire community, this is the group for you. Here, you'll be able to introduce yourself to the rest of the brides and grooms, send us your doubts, tell us your experiences... and if you've been here for long enough, participate and help the beginners.

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How did you and your FH meet?
Meghan, On 16/February/2019 at 10:29

I love these stories! FH and I were talking about how we met the other night and it was so nice to reminice We met on Tinder...which neither of us were expecting. I was on it for a total of 4 days...

Diana, yesterday at 20:36 15 messages 74
Need help with Hashtag!!
Alycia, On 10/February/2019 at 08:39

HashtagI suck at this!! I really wanna come up with something creative but not too cheesy, which is proving to be quite difficult. My FH name is Maxime Lafontaine and Mine is Alycia Prevost. I’m...

Alycia, yesterday at 15:48 16 messages 76
New Bridezilla story!
Peggy, On 15/February/2019 at 10:14

Haha, saw this this morning and it had me shaking my head....

Alycia, yesterday at 15:46 23 messages 256
How many Valentine's Days have you spent with your SO?
Joey, On 14/February/2019 at 08:05

Have you and your partner spent lots of Valentine's Days together already, or is this one of your firsts? How are you celebrating this holiday of love? Are you celebrating tonight, or waiting for the...

Leah, yesterday at 15:18 19 messages 91
Make your own candy conversation heart!
Lynnie, On 14/February/2019 at 11:05

Happy Valentine's Day! What would your candy conversation heart say? 💜 Would you send your valentine a "be mine", "cutie pie", or "xoxo" heart? Share your fave conversation heart saying or create your...

Leah, yesterday at 15:15 9 messages 53
When did it really sink in?
Shla, On 10/February/2019 at 15:11

What part of the planning process was it that gave you the "Ohh it's actually happening/real!" Moment?I'm finding I haven't had it and it's like it isn't happening. Can't seem to shake it!

Katrin, tuesday 12-Feb-19 12 messages 72