Wedding reception

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The wedding reception is where the party really starts. It’s where you and your guests will celebrate your “I dos” with drinking, dancing, mixing and mingling. Find out how to choose the best venue for you, how to decorate it, and of course, how to choose the menu.

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Reception Seating, chart or pick a seat?
Marcia, On 21/April/2018 at 17:24

Will you brides be assigning seats for your guest during reception, or allowing your guest to sit anywhere?A) Seating ChartB) Pick a seat

Sand, 7 minutes ago 22 messages 173
Trend Alert: Black Wedding Cakes!
Lynnie, Yesterday at 10:05

New trend alert!! Have you seen this popping up everywhere? Black wedding cakes seem to be the "new thing", and I kind of love them! What do you think about this trend? Would you have a black...

Jennifer, 41 minutes ago 4 messages 21
Appetizers during cocktail hour?
Andrea, Yesterday at 12:28

Hey brides, I was wondering, what sort of appetizers and beverages are you planning on serving for your guests during cocktail hour at your weddings?

Vinod, an hour ago 5 messages 41
To cake or not to cake?
Maegan, On 7/August/2018 at 12:45

So my FH and I were talking recently and we can't get over how expensive a wedding cake is! All we wanted was a 3 tier cake with 2 slabs being plastic or styrafoam and only the top one edible. This is...

Emily, yesterday at 14:13 36 messages 270
Anybody ever done family style dinner?
Kelly, On 16/August/2018 at 16:34

We're thinking of switching from buffet to family style. It will cost the same and we like that its somewhere between served and buffet, and its a bit more homey.Neither if us have ever been to a...

Leah, friday 17-Aug-18 10 messages 60
What kind of meat did you serve at your wedding?
Vanessa, On 17/August/2018 at 13:23

FOR RED MEAT EATERS ONLY!!!!We will be having surf and turf but I'm not sure what red meat to serve! I'm trying to be smart and make menu selections that best fit serving large crowds. Any suggestions...

Brittany, friday 17-Aug-18 3 messages 26