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Ready to start planning and personalizing your wedding ceremony? Whether you’re having a religious, civil or symbolic ceremony, you’ll find everything you need to make it memorable in these articles.

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Is it possible to remove the voclas from a song?
Lisa, On 10/May/2019 at 10:52

So, I'm having my best friend sing a song that means a lot to my FH and I as I walk down the aisle. Does anyone know if there's a way to remove the vocal track from a song so that she can sign the...

Lisa, an hour ago 9 messages 64
Guest list help
Melody, Yesterday at 15:03

Not dress related. I need help with my guest list. I did send out “save the dates”. But now i got thinking, there are cousins (1st) i haven’t seen in a few years. I never have anything to do with them...

Kelsie, yesterday at 21:59 6 messages 52
Canadian Trends and Traditions - Religious wedding ceremonies
Joey, On 20/May/2019 at 08:23

Will you have a religious ceremony? Or are you getting married in a secular ceremony? Just 34% of Canadian couples polled in our Global Wedding Report consider their ceremonies religious.Do you...

Jenn, yesterday at 15:06 33 messages 141
Celebrating without your parents
Flora, On 20/May/2019 at 15:16

My mom and dad are both passed away and i am thinking of ways to have them be a part of the ceremony in spirit. I have asked my kids to give me away but as for the having my parents remembered on my...

Tori, yesterday at 13:38 15 messages 88
Ressional Song and Signing Song
Amanda, On 15/May/2019 at 20:56

I meet with my DJ today and he was recommending that we have a ressional song, as well as a signing song for our ceremony. We are doing an instrumental prosessional song, so he recommended sticking to...

Amanda, monday 20-May-19 5 messages 68
Kori, On 11/December/2018 at 17:09

Hey there just wondering if anyone had an issue writing out own vows, i know how I want to say but can’t right it down. Anyone have this problem

Paige, friday 17-May-19 10 messages 66
Brittany, On 3/April/2019 at 12:16

So I have been working on my vows for a while now. Trying to find a good balance of sappy and funny.I would rather keep them a secret from family and friends, so that everyone hears them for the first...

Paige, friday 17-May-19 13 messages 96
Thoughts on restaurant weddings?
Clara, On 13/May/2019 at 15:28

Hi all. We want a very simple wedding as we are not flashy people, we are still students and our families are not in a position to help out. We have found a Cantonese restaurant to hold the reception...

Clara, wednesday 15-May-19 17 messages 110
Wedding vows
Emily, On 12/May/2019 at 09:15

Hubby doesn't want to write him own vows, I do.compromise? I found some online I like that I could just print out and he could use..

Georgie, wednesday 15-May-19 11 messages 94
Essential or Extra: Ceremony Programs?
Lynnie, On 17/September/2018 at 10:23

What about ceremony programs? I've never been to a wedding without them, but I know a lot of couples have started choosing to skip them! Are ceremony programs essential or extra to you?Photo from Deka...

Erin, tuesday 14-May-19 24 messages 130
Church Decorations
TeamDNA, On 8/May/2019 at 12:57

Hey everyone,Did anyone or does anyone plan to decorate at the church? Our ceremony will only be about 30 minutes but im stuck on whether or not to decorate. When we had our meeting, they said there...

TeamDNA, tuesday 14-May-19 15 messages 100
What is your wedding song?!
Bethany, On 25/April/2019 at 15:28

Looking for ideas of songs WITH lyrics

Autumn, monday 13-May-19 18 messages 146
Wine unity ceremony
Kelly, On 8/May/2019 at 05:05

Has anyone done or planning to do the wine unity ceremony?? I love this idea but am not sure what types of wine to mix? I’m a white wine/fruity wine or rose drinker don’t hav snuck experience with red...

Samantha, thursday 9-May-19 9 messages 67
Ceremony - Long or Short?
Lynnie, On 29/April/2019 at 09:05

How long will your ceremony last? Are you planning on a longer service, or keeping things short and sweet?Are you having a long or short wedding ceremony?Photo by Heart + Sparrow Photography at The...

Kaisha, sunday 5-May-19 28 messages 114
Venue Needed
Lori, On 28/April/2019 at 17:33

Looking for a natural special ceremony venue in Langley/Abbottsford/S. Surrey. We could do the ceremony and the reception at the same place, but we do not seem to be able to find a venue that is...

Lori, sunday 5-May-19 9 messages 49
Honouring your mother
Océane, On 23/April/2019 at 13:46

Hi everyone!So I am having a bit of a hard time figuring this out. My Dad is in the picture, but I was basically raised by my mom. My dad wants me to walk the aisle down with only him, and my mother...

Donna, thursday 2-May-19 14 messages 96