Wedding ceremony

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Ready to start planning and personalizing your wedding ceremony? Whether you’re having a religious, civil or symbolic ceremony, you’ll find everything you need to make it memorable in these articles.

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Ring bearer girl?
Ashley, On 14/April/2018 at 19:26

Need some advice. We would like to include my FH's cousins in our wedding. Their both girls around 4-7 years of age. Our venue doesn't allow confetti. So I was thinking of making one of them a ring...

Marcia, 3 hours ago 16 messages 88
What kind of ceremony musicians?
Lynnie, Yesterday at 11:05

Who will be playing the music for your wedding ceremony? Did you choose to go with a DJ, pianist, organist, harp, violin, strings ensembles, guitarist, steel drums...? Photo by Sun Leyva photography...

Tracy, 8 hours ago 11 messages 40
Getting a bus for the ride
Oribel, On 13/April/2018 at 20:29

I’m really set on this one place for the ceremony but it’s about 45 minutes away from where I live and although it’s like travelling across the city and I don’t think it’s a big deal my fiancée...

Brenna, 20 hours ago 10 messages 49
Vows to Step Daughter
Amanda, Yesterday at 04:43

This will be my 2nd marriage, I have a daughter from my 1st marriage, whom I raised on my own for we've rally. Years before meeting and falling in love with my fiance. He has taken on the role.of step...

Jennifer, yesterday at 14:33 3 messages 30
Wedding officiant
Brittany, On 18/April/2018 at 14:50

Hi y’all!we still haven’t found an officiant. Where did everyone find there’s?

Shelly, thursday 19-Apr-18 14 messages 77
Wedding Processional with Divorced/remarried Parents
Trisha, On 18/April/2018 at 00:08

Help!My fiance's parents are both divorced and also remarried, so he has one father and step mother and one mother and step father. He would like both his mother and his step mother to walk him down...

Courtney, thursday 19-Apr-18 5 messages 52