Wedding ceremony

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Ready to start planning and personalizing your wedding ceremony? Whether you’re having a religious, civil or symbolic ceremony, you’ll find everything you need to make it memorable in these articles.

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Help, mixed families, can ceremony be non religious?
Jennifer, Yesterday at 10:28

I am an atheist from mixed parents. My mother is a Muslim in a mixed family so Muslim and Christian weddings both while my Dad is an atheist from a Mexican-American Catholic family. My groom is...

Bianca, 6 hours ago 15 messages 83
wedding ceremony location
Natasha, On 18/June/2018 at 12:43

Want a church or venue like this for ceremony... please helpDoes anyone know of a beautiful church in Vaughan ON? I like lots of windows natural light, kind of contemporary. The church should be able...

Vinod, monday 18-Jun-18 2 messages 35
Ring Bearer
Kaisha, On 18/June/2018 at 01:29

How old is too old for a ring bearer, I am debating asking my cousin who will be 10 is that too old? As I am typing it, it doesn't sound too old. Also his older sister will be 17 is there a way to...

Helen, tuesday 19-Jun-18 12 messages 76
Need help finding a Recessional Song
Ashley, On 17/June/2018 at 21:03

Hi Everyone, My fiance and I need help finding a recessional song to walk down once announced as man and wife. We have live music for the ceremony, so would have to be a song that a cellist and...

Erin, tuesday 19-Jun-18 3 messages 51
Advice about wedding ceremony
Maya, On 17/June/2018 at 17:06

I grew up in a single parent family and my mom is a very important part of my life and she will be walking down the isle with me. I only grew up with my one brother and I asked him to walk with me as...

Leanne, wednesday 20-Jun-18 11 messages 99
Who's walking you down the aisle?
Sheilah, On 17/June/2018 at 14:16

At my first wedding it was my dad. But I'm thinking that this time around I want my daughter to walk with me. Her bonus daddy is writing vows for her, too. So I think it would be a great way to honour...

Bianca, monday 18-Jun-18 13 messages 87