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If you have any doubts regarding how the community works or about the WeddingWire tools to organise your big day, you can solve them here. If you see that something's wrong, please let us know in this group, you'll help us improve.

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New!!!! RSVP for multiple events PLUS meal tracking!!!
Lynnie, On 18/April/2018 at 12:48

We've got super exciting news to share with everyone!!! We have recently added the ability for your guests to RSVP to multiple events, AND we've added the ability for your guests to select their meal...

Allison, friday 20-Apr-18 5 messages 57
How can i delete one of the menu options once it has been added?
Madeleine, On 13/April/2018 at 21:35

I accidently have 1 too many menu options for the guests to select from, and need to delete that option from the list, but cannot figure out how to! Can anyone help with this? Thanks.

Aparajita, thursday 19-Apr-18 5 messages 53
What is difference between Overview tab and Wedding tab?
Sara, On 18/April/2018 at 22:42

In the Overview tab some of our guests have status "select". It seems to be for guest that have not yet replied and for whom the email address field is set. In the Wedding tab, their status is...

Lynnie, thursday 19-Apr-18 2 messages 19
How do I permanently delete a menu option?
Aparajita, On 19/April/2018 at 15:30

Hi there. I have deleated one item off the menu, however it keeps showing up when people go to rsvp ... How can I fix this (asap) ?

Lynnie, thursday 19-Apr-18 1 message 16
Multiple Rsvps
David, On 28/February/2018 at 17:09

Hello, I am hoping to use the RSVP section of this website. Included in my printed invitation will be the invitation to the wedding (obviously) and for those travelling further distances to join us,...

Lynnie, wednesday 18-Apr-18 5 messages 54
How to rsvp to multiple events
Belinda, On 16/April/2018 at 21:14

I would like to have my guest RSVP to our Rehearsal and Brunch. I have them set up but they do not show up for my guest to see. How to i turn this feature on

Lynnie, wednesday 18-Apr-18 6 messages 41