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Which boutiques offer wedding dress rentals?
Lourie, On 18/June/2018 at 23:22

Hi,I looked online but can't seem to find many shops in Montreal that rent out wedding dresses. So far I have Boutique Oui Je Voeux. If anyone can recommend a few, that would be super helpful.Thanks...

Lourie, monday 18-Jun-18 5
Help ! Looking for decent price for a videographer and photographer
Melissa, On 24/May/2018 at 09:23

Hey ladies And gents ! So im trying to keep the wedding at a budget and i was wondering if anyone knows of videographer at a good price that wont break my piggy bank.obviously at the same time not...

Cynthia, thursday 24-May-18 3 messages 20
Couples getting married on 21/july/2019 in Quebec
Cynthia, On 23/May/2018 at 22:35

Hey Ladies,Any of you getting married in the Gatineau/Ottawa area?

Joey, friday 1-Jun-18 1 message 9
Outdoor ceremony with hall for your own caterer in Montreal, qc
Mélanie, On 20/May/2018 at 09:56

Hello!We are looking for ideas of a venue that meet the following criteria:1. Outdoor ceremony2. Hall where you can hire your own caterer & bring in your own alcohol3. Ideally, a hall that already...

Lourie, monday 18-Jun-18 2 messages 17
Seamtress in the city of Montreal?
Tracy, On 18/May/2018 at 13:30

Can anybody recommend me a good seamtress in Montreal city area that price is reasonable and not overcharged. I need to hem my wedding dress and evening dress for the reception. Thanks!

Lynnie, friday 25-May-18 1 message 14
Couples getting married on 16/june/2018 in Quebec
Cathy, On 15/May/2018 at 04:39

Hi, I’m New on that group 😁 We will celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary on june 16th 😁😍 We still do after 10 years ❤️

Joey, tuesday 15-May-18 1 message 10