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Couples getting married on 22/may/2020 in Quebec
Nancy, On 28/March/2019 at 07:38

Hi salut. Je voulait dire bonjour car vous vous marriez la meme journee que moi.

Nancy, yesterday at 11:14 2 messages 15
Suggestions on outdoor wedding ceremony
Nadia, On 4/March/2019 at 20:23

Hi all!I’m living in Montreal, getting married in the summer and would love to do an outdoor ceremony but since I’m hosting a reception at a hall I am having difficulty finding an outdoor secret...

Nadia, wednesday 10-Apr-19 9 messages 52
Couples getting married on 12/october/2019 in Quebec
Stephanie, On 25/March/2019 at 00:51

Oct 12 is our big day!!! After 18 years and 2 sons later

Stephanie, wednesday 27-Mar-19 2 messages 11
Exterior wedding venue for ceremony
Rebecca, On 8/March/2019 at 10:56

Hello,I would like to know if anyone know a beautiful exterior wedding venue to celebrate a ceremony .It would be great if you have suggestion that are in montreal or near Montreal (max 40 min ) and...

Rebecca, wednesday 13-Mar-19 5 messages 45
Boho wedding dress in Montreal?
Shelby, On 10/February/2019 at 22:53

Hi,I'm looking for a shop that has bohemian style wedding dresses in the montreal area.My budget is around $1000, so ideally an affordable place.Thanks!

Shelby, sunday 10-Mar-19 5 messages 43
Let me see those Québec venues!!!
Valérie, On 25/February/2019 at 15:09

We picked out our venue over the 2017/2018 holidays, while we were back in town. We were fortunate enough to book the Vignoble de Chelsea , near both our hometowns (Gatineau/Otawa).I'm always super...

Valérie, thursday 7-Mar-19 2 messages 21