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Affordable Wedding Dress - yul
Meaghan, On 12/November/2018 at 10:52

YUL Brides, I need help!my budget for a wedding dress is around 300$. I know most stores can’t accommodate to that but I’m hoping some of you know of ones that can? Boutique 1861 is the only one I...

Maëva, thursday 13-Dec-18 5 messages 50
Couples getting married on 22/june/2019 in Quebec
Isabel, On 4/August/2018 at 10:59

Bonjour!I’m curious to get feedback from the other Québécoises getting married in La belle province. Where did you or are you getting married? Who gave you the best bang for your loonie?Qui sont les...

Sabrina, wednesday 12-Dec-18 5 messages 50
Couples getting married on 5/october/2019 in Quebec
Nancy, On 30/August/2018 at 15:50

Bonjour les 5 octobre bride to be 😉

Samantha, monday 10-Dec-18 7 messages 34
Looking for a Rustic Venue, preferably North of Montreal
Jill, On 11/November/2018 at 12:30

Hi everyone!!We just got engaged this week, and I'm starting my search for venues! Hoping to get married end of summer 2019.I'm looking for something rustic (wood, fireplace, etc), north of Montreal....

Joey, wednesday 5-Dec-18 2 messages 17
Julie, On 25/October/2018 at 14:30

Hi everyone!Looking for a bakery that can make FAKE CAKE (In Montreal area). ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE? Thank you so much!

Julie, thursday 25-Oct-18 10
Montreal: outside of the city
Natasha, On 21/October/2018 at 08:57

Hi All! I'm looking for an industrial like space (open and high ceilings, etc.) There are tons in the Montreal city area, but has anyone found OUTSIDE of Montreal? North Shore, South Shore??? Up...

Tori, sunday 21-Oct-18 1 message 19