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At WeddingWire, we are all planning our wedding. If this is also your case, you've come to the right place! Here, you can discuss your situation with other couples, receive and give advice, compare prices, etc…

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What struggles as a bride did you have during wedding planning? how'd you overcome it?
Michelle, On 6/April/2019 at 23:09

Hi all!I have 13 days left to go [Marrying on April 20]. I actually had a breakdown with my FH about the struggles I've had since Jan. 2018 and how I haven't had the best time planning our wedding due...

Michelle, sunday 12-May-19 20 messages 269
Canadian Trends and Traditions - The month when you’ll get married
Joey, On 20/May/2019 at 08:23

Though in years past the summer months had been the most popular time to get married, that has shifted. September is now the most popular wedding month in Canada. 20% of couples are having a September...

Mandy, yesterday at 22:45 42 messages 170
Canadian Trends and Traditions - Number of guests
Joey, On 20/May/2019 at 08:24

Canadians like a big party! The Global Wedding Report discovered that the average guest list size in Canada was 154. How many guests are you inviting?Is your guest list smaller or larger than the...

Mandy, yesterday at 22:44 52 messages 268
Canadian Trends and Traditions - Your budget
Joey, On 20/May/2019 at 08:24

The typical cost of a Canadian wedding was about $29,450. That's regardless of city and province, guest list size, what vendors are being hired... all of which can greatly impact the budget a couple...

Mandy, yesterday at 22:34 40 messages 283
Live band vs DJ disagreement
Sarah, On 22/May/2019 at 21:29

So I want a DJ for the wedding because I want the variety of music they can offer and because it’s cheaper. My fiancé on the other hand really wants a band. And he is being stubborn because he’s...

Vinod, yesterday at 21:04 9 messages 65
Wedding Hashtag Ideas
Christy, Yesterday at 19:40

Hi I’m Christy Walters and marrying Bo Simango, does anyone have any hashtag ideas - we’ve been stumped on this for a while! Thanks in advance.

Christy, yesterday at 19:40 8
Small wedding planning venue Help!
Danni, On 20/May/2019 at 12:36

I just got engaged May 4th after being together for almost 7 years.I am 24 and known to plan everything like crazy so I’ve known what theme and style of wedding I’ve wanted since a few years into the...

Alix, yesterday at 15:02 6 messages 74
How to find a florist
Sarah, On 20/May/2019 at 22:03

Hello all,So I’ve been pretty good about knowing what to look for or knowing what I want in every vendor except for a florist. Any tips? I mainly just need them to be reasonably priced and do delivery...

Sarah, yesterday at 14:40 9 messages 69
Emily, Yesterday at 07:48

71 days left.- 71 days to finish planning 71 days to come up with money to pay for everything. 71 days to get everyone together and go over everything, to make sure I have everything we needs. meal...

Casey, yesterday at 12:44 6 messages 63
Wedding party gifts
Michelle, On 22/May/2019 at 15:25

I’m paying to have hair and makeup done for my MOH and two bridesmaids. I don’t have a lot of extra money and was wondering what everyone is doing for gifts. Could hair and makeup be considered the...

Casey, yesterday at 12:40 4 messages 45
5 ways to ask for money instead of a gift
Emilie, On 27/October/2016 at 09:45

Hi wonderful brides There's been discussions lately about whether you can ask your guests for money instead of gifts... and my answer is yes! But there's a way to ask for it. Which one is...

Amanda, yesterday at 11:24 8 messages 3,677
Looking for photo locations in Vaughan, Ontario
Katrina, On 20/July/2017 at 15:08

Hi everyone! I am getting married at Hazelton Manor in Vaughan, on August 26, 2017! We are looking for suggestions on indoor or outdoor locations nearby that would be good for our wedding photos. We...

Amanda, yesterday at 10:33 6 messages 6,113
Flowers from costco
Ericabraam, On 18/July/2017 at 04:26

Has anyone purchased flowers in bulk from Costco and made their own bouquets? If so, how did they turn out? Did the flowers last all day?

Amanda, yesterday at 10:32 30 messages 6,853
Average costs
Jacqueline, On 31/January/2018 at 14:37

Hey Ladies!I am newly engaged and I am looking at venues and caterers etc. I have NO CLUE what an average cost is per plate for people or for a venue etc. I do not know what a decent budget is for a...

Amanda, yesterday at 10:28 75 messages 14,558
Floral details
Joey, On 22/May/2019 at 08:05

It's finally getting warm and flowers are springing to life What will be floral at your wedding? The lace of your dress? The pattern of your tie? The decoration on your cake? Your...

Amelia, yesterday at 09:53 12 messages 63
Online save the date option??
Malia, On 21/May/2019 at 23:05

Hi! I'm getting married in 8 months but because the wedding is close to Christmas, I want to send save the dates out ASAP so people can plan their vacations. I'm going to be mailing formal invitations...

Julia, wednesday 22-May-19 6 messages 34