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At WeddingWire, we are all planning our wedding. If this is also your case, you've come to the right place! Here, you can discuss your situation with other couples, receive and give advice, compare prices, etc…

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How many of you are taking their husband's surname after wedding.....
Liga, On 13/October/2019 at 22:13

How many of you are taking their husband's surname after wedding..... If you are from Quebec, You will know, here it is not possible legally. I would need to get married officially outside Quebec...

Alexandra, sunday 10-Nov-19 31 messages 293
Planning the Wedding Ourselves!
Jelynne, Today at 08:43

My wedding is just about 9 months away! I'm currently in nursing school and my fiance works full time. Before I started school I made sure to plan as much for the wedding as I could. Unfortunately...

Jelynne, an hour ago 9
What’s been your least favourite part of planning?
Cliodhna, On 11/November/2019 at 09:05

Planning a wedding is definitely not a walk in the park! If you could hand over one aspect of planning entirely to another person, what would it be? Be honest! What’s been your least favorite part of...

Rayanne, 8 hours ago 17 messages 67
Have you lied to your fiancé(e) during planning?
Cliodhna, On 11/November/2019 at 09:05

We’re not encouraging lying to your partner by any means, but sometimes a little white lie here and there slips out when discussing wedding plans. Maybe you told your fiancé(e) you liked an idea they...

Rayanne, 8 hours ago 16 messages 67
Have you gone over budget?
Cliodhna, On 11/November/2019 at 09:05

Have you accidentally (or intentionally!) overspent on some aspect of planning? Perhaps you decided to upgrade your linens after seeing the selection on offer? Or maybe you thought you had more...

Rayanne, 9 hours ago 19 messages 81
Are you inviting someone out of obligation?
Cliodhna, On 11/November/2019 at 09:05

The guest list, the guest list, the guest list! You spend hours pouring over it, playing with the numbers, and trying to fit in everyone you want to celebrate with. Is there someone on your list you...

Rayanne, 9 hours ago 15 messages 72
Need help finding a cheap venue in Toronto/GTA
Deborah, On 11/November/2019 at 10:05

My fiance and I are looking for a cheap wedding venue in Toronto/GTA. We're planning on having about 100 guests, we would like to have the wedding on a Saturday night (as half our guests will be from...

Rayanne, 9 hours ago 10 messages 109
When did you actually start wedding planning?
Lynnie, Yesterday at 13:55

How soon after the proposal did you start wedding planning? Did you dive in right away? Did you take some time to just enjoy being engaged first? Did you set a date and then set wedding planning on...

Rayanne, 9 hours ago 12 messages 51
Trying to find a first dance song
Tasia, On 10/November/2019 at 13:19

Has anyone else struggled to find a first dance song? We can’t seem to find anything we like enough to make our first dance. We have been trying to find acoustic covers of faster songs that we like...

Tasia, 9 hours ago 12 messages 80
Sharing cost for rustic/modern decor- Toronto
Mary, Yesterday at 19:33

Hi everyone! My partner and I are getting married in Sept 2020 in Toronto, in an industrial space and we'll be decorating with a warm, rustic, modern vibe. We will have lots of candles in hurricane...

Mary, yesterday at 19:33 18
Invitations - names
Sarah, Yesterday at 15:23

Hi guys - I’m actually not entirely sure if some of my married female friends have changed their last name or not. I already bugged everyone for their addresses now I feel like an idiot if I have to...

Shannon, yesterday at 17:22 6 messages 59
Great hotels to stay in canmore for bride and groom
Susanne, On 10/November/2019 at 18:51

Any suggestions ?

Susanne, yesterday at 17:18 7 messages 26
Will the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets match? 💐
Cliodhna, On 7/November/2019 at 09:05

Along with keeping your hands busy when walking down the aisle, wedding bouquets help tie together your wedding design and decor! Will your bouquet match your bridesmaids’? Or do you plan on using...

BunnyBride, yesterday at 17:02 18 messages 101
Destination wedding
Ashley, On 9/November/2019 at 14:36

Looking to get married in Cuba, which agents /wedding planners did you use to plan your destination wedding?

Ashley, yesterday at 16:47 4 messages 30
Save the dates
Hilary, On 10/November/2019 at 18:07

Hey brides! Congratulations to you all! Looking for some advice- Our wedding is October 2021 in Halifax, however most of our guests being invited will be traveling from Ontario, British Colombia and...

Ashley, yesterday at 16:46 10 messages 70
Eloping and seperate reception
Robyn, On 11/November/2019 at 09:02

We are planning on eloping in Memphis TN in September and doing our reception in October in Ontario. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to seperate these items on WW - should I just be planning...

Ashley, yesterday at 16:44 6 messages 25
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