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At WeddingWire, we are all planning our wedding. If this is also your case, you've come to the right place! Here, you can discuss your situation with other couples, receive and give advice, compare prices, etc…

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First Look - Why or Why Not?
Lynnie, On 18/April/2019 at 14:27

Are you doing a "first look" and taking pictures before your wedding ceremony? Or are you waiting until you walk down the aisle? Some couples want to save that magic moment for the ceremony, but...

Cassie, yesterday at 23:06 33 messages 207
Males in the bridal party?
Taya, On 10/March/2019 at 12:46

Has anyone had a wedding where you had males in your bridal party? I don't have a lot of female friends and was thinking about asking my brother to be in my wedding party. We have been close since we...

Kaisha, yesterday at 22:37 11 messages 69
Invitations - what’s your style?
Joey, On 12/March/2019 at 08:05

What is your very favorite invitation style? Which style trend speaks to you? And which matches your wedding the best? Minimalist? Playful? Formal? Rustic? Ornate? What other invitation styles inspire...

Kaisha, yesterday at 16:43 18 messages 108
Feel Like Something is Missing?
Holly, On 25/March/2019 at 15:51

So with just about 2 months left I am really feeling the pressure! I feel like I am missing something, you know kinda like I forgot to do something..Here is what I have and maybe you can help.Wedding...

Holly, yesterday at 16:16 21 messages 125
Stephanie, On 15/April/2019 at 13:39

On the radio this morning, they were talking about guestzillas! Guests who have behaved poorly at an event. One caller said they had set up a video camera at their wedding reception, and one of the...

Deziray, yesterday at 14:09 20 messages 274
Photographer advice!
Machaila, On 19/April/2019 at 18:04

Help!! My photographer is due to have a baby around May 10, my wedding is June 1. She has not yet reached out to me letting me know (but she has posted it on her photography page). I am a mama myself...

Bianca, yesterday at 13:43 4 messages 50