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40 days to go
Amber, Today at 14:40

Any June 1st brides here and starting to panic a bit 🎉🙃40 days to go 👰🏼

Amber, 5 hours ago 5
Plus one Ettiquette
Deziray, On 19/April/2019 at 22:09

Hi, so I am getting married in August and I have a few questions about plus one Ettiquette. I sent out invites recently. Each one was addressed to whoever was included in the invite ie: Friend and...

Deziray, yesterday at 12:43 4 messages 17
Couples getting married on 24/may/2019 in Ontario, outdoor wedding & bugs?
Emma, On 26/March/2019 at 16:56

Hi everyone! Seeing as we are all getting married on the same day, I wondered if many of you are going outdoor wedding (weather permitting). If so, does the idea of bugs concern you (being close to...

Allison, yesterday at 12:40 6 messages 23
Couples getting married on 20/september/2019 in Ontario
Kay, On 26/January/2019 at 00:22

Anyone else - as nervous and excited as I am ?

Kay, friday 19-Apr-19 8 messages 51
What is a decent budget for a wedding?
Andi, On 15/April/2019 at 16:09

First time getting married and well... I have no idea where to start. What are easy ways to get the ball rolling? Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated 😊 Also budget is my biggest concern

Bianca, tuesday 16-Apr-19 6 messages 28
Couples getting married on 14/february/2020 in Ontario
Miranda, On 15/April/2019 at 05:42

Hey everyone ! Congrats in on your engagements!! I have a really silly question.. when is everyone sending out their invites ? In Canada our day also falls on a long weekend and I know valentine’s is...

Sinéad, tuesday 16-Apr-19 2 messages 13