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Engagement shoot locations?
Madonna, Yesterday at 14:59

Hey everyone!Does anyone have any recommendations for an engagement photoshoot outdoor location that doesn't need a permit in the Toronto? A little outside of Toronto is fine too. The only one I know...

Erin, yesterday at 23:38 4 messages 30
Shannon, Yesterday at 16:10

Need help with a photographer! I am having a very strange wedding and I either need a photographer to do the whole day at 2 locations 2 hours away for a photographer to do just my ceremony (3 hours...

Erin, yesterday at 23:35 5 messages 27
Stag and Doe Venues near Kitchener Ontario
Megan, Yesterday at 07:33

Please help me! My fiance and I are having a really hard time finding a venue for our stag and doe. We want to be able to bring our own alcohol, liquor license, and bar tenders. Post halls are...

Megan, yesterday at 23:16 2 messages 8
Tent Rental Advice
Becky, On 24/April/2018 at 10:22

So I need some advice on how to make this idea work, I have booked my wedding for this September 7th to take place at my work places's gardens (Clarington Museums and Archives). I am hoping, wishing...

Becky, yesterday at 20:12 2 messages 11
Intimate/small wedding
Tatyana, On 19/April/2018 at 16:49

Hi, Can anybody suggest a venue or a restaurant that can cater to an intimate wedding of 50 guests. Most places I've called has a minimum guest requirement and some of them are just too overpriced....

Bianca, yesterday at 17:43 11 messages 83
Couples getting married on 20/July/2019 in Ontario
Kelly, On 19/June/2017 at 15:37

Just stopping by to say hi. Planning my second wedding. It is just as much fun the second time around!

Madonna, yesterday at 13:24 5 messages 113