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Photographer on budget
Polina, On 14/October/2019 at 22:04

Hi everybody. We are planning a very small family wedding in February 2020 in Winnipeg. Around 15 people. Looking for a photographer for a couple of hours but the prices are still pretty high. We need...

Cliodhna, friday 18-Oct-19 2 messages 16
Kat D
Venue Help Please!
Kat D, On 30/September/2019 at 17:26

Hi Everybody! My fiancé and I are planning to get married on April 18, 2021. We’re planning an early afternoon/brunch wedding & reception. However we are having a hard time finding a suitable...

Kat D, monday 14-Oct-19 5 messages 29
Tori Doll
Show me your venues!
Tori Doll, On 25/September/2019 at 09:08

Hey there fellow Manitoba Brides and Grooms! So, a little background Wedding date: October 5th 2019 Venue: Rivers Edge Resort (Elma MB) Where everyone is tying the knot and partying?? Same place for...

Danielle, sunday 29-Sep-19 2 messages 25
Wedding venue
Kayser, On 26/August/2019 at 15:44

Looking for wedding venue( reception and ceremony) we have 2500 budget. 50 guess Any suggestion? Wedding will be this october last week

Cliodhna, friday 13-Sep-19 2 messages 29
Michelle, On 27/August/2019 at 11:45

Did anyone get married at the Best Western Winnipeg airport hotel? If you did, or are planning to, where did you take pictures around the hotel? Lounge? Fountain? Fireplace?

Ashley, wednesday 11-Sep-19 5 messages 53
Couples getting married on 9/november/2019 in Manitoba
Kahsay, On 7/July/2019 at 09:16

I love this idea of meeting other couples that are getting married on the same date and in the same province online. Maybe we can share tips and ideas with each other.

Kahsay, thursday 15-Aug-19 3 messages 19
Couples getting married on 3/october/2020 in Manitoba
Ashley, On 19/March/2018 at 16:04

Hi ladies, Looks like we are all planning to get married on the same day! I just wanted to wish you all congratulations on your engagements! Wishing you the best of luck with planning. I would love to...

Ashley, friday 2-Aug-19 4 messages 57
Couples getting married on 27/june/2020 in Manitoba
Jessica, On 9/July/2019 at 19:01

Hi! I’m Jessica and I’m getting married June 27, 2020 at Ashgrove Acres. We’re going for a clean, classic, elegant look at our wedding. I can’t wait to talk to everyone and share ideas and advice!

Cliodhna, friday 19-Jul-19 1 message 33
Jess, On 18/May/2019 at 08:02

My fiancé and I want To elope in Manitoba my question is. Can we elope and then have our wedding next year with a ceremony ? What would have to change in the ceremony so nobody finds out ? We just...

Tori Doll, tuesday 21-May-19 2 messages 40
Couples getting married on 20/october/2019 in Manitoba
Hannah, On 8/April/2019 at 13:43

WeddingWire notifies me you’re getting married on the same day as us! Just wanted to say Congratulations. 😇

Cliodhna, thursday 11-Apr-19 1 message 16
Couples getting married on 14/september/2019 in Manitoba
Ashlee, On 25/August/2018 at 01:35

Hello!! Congratulations! Just curious, is anyone having their ceremony at Lower Fort Garry on September 14, 2019? If so can you please send me a message? Thanks and happy planning!

Becky, wednesday 20-Mar-19 1 message 59
Tori Doll
Wedding Social Season!
Tori Doll, On 27/February/2019 at 10:00

Hey all my Manitobans!! If you haven't already attended some this year you are bound to have some coming up! My social will be on Friday March 29th - just 29 days and 15 hours from now!!! Kristen...

Alix, tuesday 19-Mar-19 12 messages 85
Wedding officiant
Kat, On 26/April/2018 at 14:50

Hey everyone! We are getting married September 8th of this year and I feel like I have contacted pretty much all of the officiant on the app with no luck yet. If anyone knows of anyone who can perform...

Amanda, friday 15-Mar-19 11 messages 95
Best western airport hotel
Michelle, On 17/February/2019 at 20:16

Has any booked the opulence package through the Best Western Airport Hotel? I’m wondering how much it cost in total?

Erin, friday 8-Mar-19 3 messages 53
help me ladies I'm on the search for a stairway
Janelle, On 26/February/2019 at 20:28

Does anyone know where I can rent a stairway in Winnipeg or close by please and thank you I really need to find one for my ceremony

Kelly, friday 1-Mar-19 11 messages 95
Couples getting married on 10/august/2019 in Manitoba
Jessica, On 15/February/2019 at 23:49

Hi everyone!

Joey, thursday 21-Feb-19 1 message 42