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Looking for feedback on dj services (quantum Sound)
Nicole, On 7/November/2018 at 12:27

I'm wondering if anybody has used Quantum Sound for their wedding social/reception? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Joey, wednesday 5-Dec-18 2 messages 14
Diane, On 24/November/2018 at 13:42

Hello! Just wondering if anyone has used Pioneer Catering for their wedding, and if they would recommend them. Thanks!

Tori, sunday 25-Nov-18 1 message 12
Engagement Photo Places
Tori, On 9/October/2018 at 11:35

Hello ladies (and gents),I was wondering if anybody here has gotten their E-photo's done yes or are planning on it and have some spots picked out that I could steal as well as share with the rest of...

Brianna, monday 12-Nov-18 3 messages 18
Couples getting married on 17/august/2019 in Manitoba
Brianna, On 12/November/2018 at 13:43

Wow, I never realized there were so many other couples getting married the same day as us 277 days to go!Happy wedding planning!

Brianna, monday 12-Nov-18 4 messages 23
Wedding officiant
Kat, On 26/April/2018 at 14:50

Hey everyone! We are getting married September 8th of this year and I feel like I have contacted pretty much all of the officiant on the app with no luck yet. If anyone knows of anyone who can perform...

Nicole, wednesday 7-Nov-18 10 messages 60
Couples getting married on 13/october/2018 in Manitoba
Katelyn, On 31/August/2018 at 11:49

Hi ladies!! I have a question for all of you getting married the same day as me.... Are you worried about it being cold? I am getting married in an old grain elevator, but may have to end up using it...

Michelle, friday 31-Aug-18 1 message 40