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Winnipeg, Help!
Jojo, On 9/June/2018 at 12:26

Recently engaged, and looking for suggestions! Im trying to find such a specific venue that I’m begenning to think no such place exists. We are looking for a loft/warehouse - in the exchange...

Joey, friday 15-Jun-18 4 messages 37
Wedding date 03/30/2019
Darcell, On 13/May/2018 at 18:03

Would love your thoughts about getting married on this date. Weather? Is it that bad?

Tori, monday 28-May-18 5 messages 26
Couples getting married on 5/october/2019 in Manitoba
Tori, On 11/May/2018 at 13:41

Hello ladies!I see that we all have something very exciting in common - we are all set to get married on October 5th 2019! Congratulations!I'm so excited and would love to hear about how the planning...

TayCath36, sunday 3-Jun-18 2 messages 20
Wedding officiant
Kat, On 26/April/2018 at 14:50

Hey everyone! We are getting married September 8th of this year and I feel like I have contacted pretty much all of the officiant on the app with no luck yet. If anyone knows of anyone who can perform...

Kaisha, thursday 17-May-18 8 messages 31
Couples getting married on 9/june/2018 in Manitoba
Valtina, On 26/April/2018 at 02:46

I'm having a small private wedding in kildonan park and I'm kinda lost as to how to get it together

Valtina, saturday 28-Apr-18 2 messages 12
Couples getting married on 11/august/2018 in Manitoba
Marcia, On 12/April/2018 at 21:10

Hello everyone! Just wanted to wish you all congratulations on your engagements. Looks like we all picked a special day for our weddings. August is a beautiful month with lovely weather here in...

Joey, monday 30-Apr-18 3 messages 15