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Living together can be a real adventure and it's always good to have a place where you can talk about it. Learn to live together, make your house a home, and deal with other household things... in this group, you'll find it all!

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Buying a Home
Kelly, On 16/October/2019 at 10:49

We've lived together for years now, and we've always been renters. We're starting to think about buying our first home together, and we're super excited to be looking for a place that will be ours!...

Ashley, friday 18-Oct-19 6 messages 24
A Few Of Our Favourite Things - TV Show To Binge-Watch Together
Joey, On 25/March/2019 at 08:05

When you and your SO snuggle up on the couch together for a tv marathon, what's your go-to show? What do you like to watch together? Photo by Emily Schutz Photography in Edmonton >>Next...

BunnyBride, saturday 7-Sep-19 34 messages 110
Moving Countries
Anna, On 7/September/2019 at 01:43

So I am relocating to Ireland be with my fiance once we get married. Anyone have any tips/experience/stories on downsizing/moving abroad/decluttering? We will have a very small place there!

Cliodhna, friday 27-Sep-19 3 messages 24
Living Together!
Stephanie, On 19/February/2019 at 08:09

Good morning everyone! I know I have seen a bunch of times on here how long couples have lived together before marriage! As a bride myself who is waiting until marriage to live together, I want to...

Missa, thursday 25-Jul-19 34 messages 370
Best thing about moving in with your partner?
Robyn, On 8/April/2019 at 22:48

Hey all! To stop myself from stressing out about wedding stuff, I am focusing on how awesome it will be to finally live with my FH. Because of our traditional families, we live separately, but we have...

Alexandra, saturday 20-Jul-19 16 messages 126
Favourite Date Night In
Valérie, On 18/February/2019 at 23:06

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good night out, but they're often expensive and I can't stay up as late as I used to...'s footage of me anywhere after 11pm lol Lately, our date nights have been...

Donna, saturday 30-Mar-19 21 messages 110