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Living together can be a real adventure and it's always good to have a place where you can talk about it. Learn to live together, make your house a home, and deal with other household things... in this group, you'll find it all!

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What's the best part of living with your partner?
Joey, Yesterday at 14:05

Brag on that wonderful partner of yours! What is the best part of living together? What do they do that makes sharing a home with them extra special? Photo by Nomad by NK in Vancouver

Joey, yesterday at 14:05 4
What to do--storage unit or two places
Stephanie, On 18/January/2018 at 13:41

My fiance and I do not live together. We are getting married beginning of July. We are both in a lease until the end of August. Our plan is for me to move in to his place after we are married, and...

Lisa, yesterday at 07:18 8 messages 61
Together or apart?
Holly, On 28/December/2017 at 23:23

So this has been a big topic of discussion with my girls and also my fiance. My fiance and I live together and at the time of our wedding we will have been living together for almost 3 years. So when...

Holly, thursday 1-Feb-18 33 messages 261
finally some help from fh
Casey, On 31/December/2017 at 04:19

Came into this lovely community tonight to start this thread and I see so much different excitement going on, so I responded to a few posts. I just firstly want to say that the group of ladies and...

Casey, monday 29-Jan-18 16 messages 150
What are you guys getting your fh for Christmas!?
Victoria, On 20/December/2017 at 16:28

Looking for some last minute additions. What are you guys getting your FH this year!

Vinod, thursday 25-Jan-18 25 messages 100
Will you call your in-laws mom and dad?
Emilie, On 30/March/2017 at 10:05

Hey lovely brides-to-be! Once you say "I Do", your two families become officially one. Will you call your in-laws mom and dad? Image: Pinterest

Vinod, thursday 25-Jan-18 40 messages 241